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Some links are embedded in the following pages but also look at the Useful Links page to access a number of sites which should be of particular interest to retired staff.

Below are a number of topics detailed, which have been the subject of questions asked by members.

What do you need to Identify Yourself?

You will often be asked to provide identity information for Banks, utilities and particularly in the event of bereavement. The advent of the money laundering regulations rigid rules have been adopted by many organisations which can be difficult to comply with for retired people. The regulations require two documents, one to confirm your name and the other to confirm your address. See link below for the full list.

Identity ChecklistGOV.UK :
Proof of Identity Checklist

Members may find that whilst they can prove their name they may not have any acceptable documents to prove their address. Check the list now and make sure you have one document from each list. You cannot use the same document for both purposes. If you are unsure or have problems please get in touch now, email

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A number of requests have been made for a check list that can be easily referred to or printed off which will provide help with what to do if you are sadly faced with a bereavement. The links below will take you to websites which will ensure that you receive the most up to date information.

Age UK:
What to do first when Someone Dies

After a DeathGOV.UK :
After a Death

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Are you getting your just deserts?

There are regular press reports that many Senior Citizens in particular are not claiming allowances or benefits to which they are entitled

Details of all benefits are available through the following links:

Age UK:
Claiming Benefits

BenefitsGOV.UK :

You can also find other sources on the Useful Links page

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Inheritance Tax and War Vererans

There is a little known regulation which allows full relief from 40% Inheritance Tax if a person was helping in an emergency that caused or contributed to their death and was a:

To find out more follow the link to:

Inheritance Tax ReliefsGOV.UK :
Inheritance Tax Reliefs

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Scams on the Elderly

There are many press report of people especially older people being targeted by organisations who want to steal your identity or your money. Good places to find out about scams are Citizens Advice and Age UK. Follow the links below:

Citizens Advice:
Protection from Scams

Age UK:
Scams Advice

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Benenden Health Care Society

BenendenHealth Care started life as the Post Office Sanatorium Society providing facilities for Post office employees suffering from TB. It is now a Mutual Friendly Society which anybody can join and charges a flat fee of £8.71 per person per month. It has its own hospital at Benenden in Kent but can also offer private health care at many hospitals throughout UK. The service provided complements the NHS rather than being a private replacement for the NHS. If you have a medical issue and you are having trouble getting the treatment you need or it is taking too much time, Benenden can help. Contact them or talk to the RSA welfare officer in confidence. To find out more about Benenden follow the link:

Benenden Health Care Society :

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Civil Service Benevolent Fund

Charity for Civil Servants


Many of us have subscribed to CSBF for many years. However, some may not be aware that the organisation now operates under the name Charity for Civil Servants. In fact all three names are now used by this organisation. The CAA Hardship fund is now managed by them and is still available to YOU. If you have a problem particularly a financial problem please get in touch with Charity for Civil Servants. Use the link:

For You By You :

or contact the welfare officer in confidence at

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Nursing Homes and Continuing Care

Many things have changed since the Care Act 2015 came into force earlier this year. The new act tries to sort out all the unfair and discriminatory rules and regulations of previous legislation. It succeeds in part but there are still grey areas. One good thing is it enshrines the right of everyone to have an assessment to determine what care support they need and who should pay for it. Local Authorities and the NHS are now supposed to be working together to determine the level of care and who should pay for it. You will not be surprised to know that NHS will try to get Local Authorities to pay for care as their preferred option and that Local Authorities will try to prove that individuals should wherever possible pay for their own care for as long as they are able. So nothing has changed there then!!

The most important thing to do is to demand a full assessment of your care needs and then to challenge the outcome if you think you are being unfairly treated. If you need help contact:

Charity for Civil Servants (see the Useful Links page)

For You By You :

The CAA/ NATS RSA Welfare Officer