Profile - Tony, Hon. Secretary

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Tony Motture

Tony, with this wife Anita, has a keen interest in horse racing, classic cars and their garden. Former Personnel and Central Services Director NATS and now Hon. Secretary of the RSA Central Committee, replacing Robin Morris.

Tony‘s career initially started as an electrical and electronics engineer with GEC before moving from practical engineering to training other engineers; then for GEC more general training and finally into personnel management. When GEC and Plessey merged their telecommunications companies in 1988, he was appointed Regional Personnel Director for the new company, GPT, in Coventry.

Following the air traffic control delays in the 1980s, which blamed on a shortage of air traffic controllers, the CAA appointed consultants to advise on how better to recruit and train ATCOs. They then created a differently constructed role and Tony was approached by head-hunters to see if he was interested. This resulted, at the beginning of 1990, in him being appointed Director, Personnel ATS for the CAA, reporting to Air Marshal Sir Tom Stonor who was then Controller NATS. His functional boss was John Lockwood, then CAA Personnel Director. This brought together the College of Air Traffic Control, the College of Engineering Training and the personnel function for ATC for the first time.

In 1996, NATS Ltd was created as a subsidiary company of the CAA and Tony acquired a number of other functions including property, health and safety and security. “I always joked that I got everything no-one else wanted,” he said.

Since retiring in March 2001, when he became one of the first six pensioners in the separated NATS section of CAAPS, he has done a wide range of things – mostly voluntary but some fee earning. His last activity was with Anita as Regional Officers for the Mercedes-Benz Club for the West Country where he now lives. They retired from this last July.

“I think Anita gets irritated by me being around, doing nothing”, he said “because when it was announced there was nobody appointed to replace Robin she turned to me and said you could do that”.

Since volunteers are almost a thing of the past, Tony said he would certainly recommend anyone to get involved with the running of an organisation of which they are members. “Far too many very good things come to an end because committees fall apart when long serving people drop out” he said.