Profile - Tony, Vice Chairman

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Tony Cowell

Following nine years as aircrew on Shackletons and Nimrods Tony joined the CAA as an ATCO Trainee at the beginning of 1972.
On completion of training he was posted to the London Air traffic Control Centre (LATCC) where he enjoyed the work, but not its location. Four years later he was offered and accepted the role of Aerodrome Manager/ATCO at Wick in the Highlands and Islands. Three years later he was posted to Aberdeen where he remained for ten years. This was followed by management postings to Cardiff, then Farnborough, where he was in charge of the Air Traffic Services for three Farnborough Airshows.
For his final years before retirement, he filled a new post of Manager Operational Development for NATS Airports, based at Heathrow.

During his career he was interested and involved in Trade Union activities. He became the ATCOs H&I Rep and, subsequently, Aberdeen ATCOs Rep. From then he filled a number of Union roles within the Trades Unions, including Pensions Rep, and subsequently, became Chairman of the ATCOs Branch and Chairman of the Central Trade Union Side. As such he was selected to be the Trade Union‘s Rep to the Sawyer Committee on Regulation of Air Traffic Controllers Hours (CRATCOH).

On 31 March 2013 he stood down from being a Members Trustee of the CAA Pension Scheme, after 27 years continuous service. He was replaced by Colin Chisholm.

Tony is married to Sheena, and they have two adult daughters and two grandchildren.