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The travel club remains open to ALL members of the Association, membership is automatic.

Travel companies have taken a severe blow over the last 18 months; however, all our friendly companies have
remained in business.

The discounts quoted here can no longer be guaranteed, at times they may be less or more dependent on demand for a particular product. Companies are running on reduced margins and with less staff. Please be understanding.

Best rates are usually obtained via telephone rather than web bookings.

You may be asked to prove membership by way of your RSA membership number or other kind of proof of being associated
with the RSA. Contact the RSA travel rep (Andy Maynard ) if you have any difficulties.


Great News!!! Newmarket Holidays have re-instated our 10% discount. Use code CAANATS. At the
moment the code may not always work online, best rates usually obtained by telephone, 0333 060 9147

Newmarket was founded in 1983, winner of many travel awards & highly recommended by many of our members.

10% discounts on Rail or air holidays. Ocean & river cruises, escorted holidays world-wide, with regional departures.

Fred Olsen

Revised Fred Olsen discount scheme rates came into effect on 1/1/20.

New Fred Olsen customers will receive 5% discount on their cruise.

Previous customers will also be a member of their Oceans loyalty scheme. This scheme will give you
a 5% loyalty discount PLUS the RSA affinity 5% discount.

To obtain the above discounts you must use the RSA code RSATS5.

Be sure to reference the discount code RSATS5 when booking online, or calling Fred Olsen Cruise Lines on 0800 0355 108, or use the new URL: https://www.fredolsencruises.com/affinity/caanats
However, best rates are usually by telephone.

Barhead Travel

3% to 10% discount is possible. In store or telephone 0330 094 8364. Quote affinity code RSATS

Since 1975 Barrhead Travel has been helping people to plan their perfect trips. they’ve come a long way in 41 years, since starting in the Glasgow suburb of Barrhead, Scotland. they now employ 900+ employees across 61 locations nationwide and have been voted Best UK Travel Group 7 years running.

Staff Voyage Travel

This company specialises in flash last minute hotel sales world-wide. We are eligible to join as retired staff. You will need to register with them at https://stafftravel.voyage/special-offers

Select your occupation as ATC, you will then receive an e-mail for a second part registration, it is here you can insert "retired" into employer space. Bookings are in effect done directly with hotels- by entering retired, then the hotels can confirm or refuse a discount with you.

Retired Staff - Most hotels and tours will accept retired staff and Freight Agents. Ultimately the decision rests with the hotel. When you register, please state ‘Retired’ or ‘Other’ under Job Position/Title. When you make a hotel request, the hotel will see your status and if they confirm the booking, you are good to go!


Register with Touchdown to be able to log into their website. Eligibility varies from offer to offer.

When registering with Touchdown members should select NATS from the drop-down menu, however, when they are making an enquiry, they should state they are retired as this could have an impact on the products and price Touchdown can offer.

Unfortunately, they can’t supply a definitive list as it is constantly changing

0333 014 3600 or 01293 425000
Mon to Fri - 08:00 - 17:30 Sat - 09.30 - 13.30

You can also sign up for their regular newsletters for the latest offers.

The RSA are not either directly, or indirectly, responsible, or liable for any of your travel arrangements.
Members should not distribute or circulate discount codes or links to non-members, as this could compromise our agreements for other members.

CAA NATS RSA do not receive any commission nor make any specific recommendation.

Last updated: 26.10.21