Profile - Bob, Contrail Editor

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Bob Connolly

Bob Connolly, a former ATCA, is the editor of the RSA magazine, Contrail.

Bob joined NATS in 1969 as an ATCA3 at the former Preston Air Traffic Control centre and in 1970 transferred to Belfast Aldergrove.

On promotion to ATCA2 in 1970 he moved to Ulster Radar until its closure in 1978 when he transferred to Prestwick Airport. After two years he moved back to Belfast Aldergrove where he remained until he left the service in 1992 following an accident which resulted in a cervical spinal injury.

During his second stint at Belfast Bob became very involved with the trade union side both nationally and locally. He was a member of CPSA's CAA Section GEC for a number of years and was Chairman for a year.

He is now very active locally and his many involvements include vice chair of the Community Association, chairperson of the Local Festival committee for whom he organises a 16-day Community Festival, including the programme design and he is also safety advisor to several other festivals and events in Co Down.

He founded a local group for parents of children who suffer from ADHD and was secretary to the local Chamber of Commerce until recently.

His main hobbies are amateur radio and computing and he writes regular columns and feature articles for a national amateur radio magazine.