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CAA/NATS Retired Staff Association (henceforth called "RSA") is committed to protecting and respecting members privacy. The Association, on the basis that it is a membership organisation without any profit or commercial activities, is exempt from the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation - 25 May 2018). However, good practice is that we inform members of the data that is collected and how it is used.

All data held on members is provided by those members and is updated when members inform the RSA of changes to it. Personal details are only kept for the purpose of establishing and maintaining membership and support of the RSA. Information will be held in electronic form including both data from application forms and all written correspondence.

We may collect and process the following data about members:

This data held is used to:

We hold all the personal information electronically due to storage constraints. To prevent unauthorised access we use password protection and encryption on all personal data files. These are held on a removable memory stick and accessed from a computer using the latest MS Office software with 2 forms of up to date virus and hacking protection.

A backup of the database is held remotely from the main membership database. This backup will not necessarily contain the latest membership records and updates. The backup database is held by the web master.

The Branch contact records are also held electronically in a password protected file and consist of contact details only (membership number, type of member, name and title, postal address, telephone No. (if not ex directory) and email (where available). The date of joining, leaving and date of any change is also included. These are updated twice yearly.

Consent and Members Rights

All members:

However, since the Association requires a record of all its members, a request for deletion of the data has to be treated as a resignation from the RSA.