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Peter Haigh

Peter worked for NATS in air traffic engineering from 1973 until he took early retirement in 2010.

Starting out as apprentice at Bletchley Park and following a stint at Aberdeen Airport and an Engineering Degree from Manchester University, Peter spent the next 18 years at CAA House. He worked on Nav Aids, Communications and Control & Monitoring systems, and eventually moved on to developing requirements for future systems. He relocated to West Drayton in 2000 and subsequently to CTC Whiteley in 2004, joining Systems/Enterprise Engineering there until his retirement.

In 2019 he completed an Arts Degree with the Open University and, in his own words "can string a few words together in a legible, understandable and, hopefully, entertaining form." As for volunteering to edit Contrail, "apparently a vounteer is someone who didn't understand the question!!!!".

Peter and his wife Julie now live in Glossop, Derbyshire, where, Covid permitting, Peter plays cornet (and, occasionally, trumpet) in a brass band. He is also tracing his family history and from time to time arranges music and edits sound recordings. He is looking forward to liaising with Bob Connolly and to another pursuit - that of editing Contrail.