Occupational Pensioners Alliance

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The CAA RSA is a founder member of the Occupational Pensioners Alliance (OPA) and this page provides details of the Alliance and contact details for its website.


The OPA came into being in 2003 with the merger of the earlier Confederation of Occupational Pensioner Associations and the Royal Mail and BT Pensioners Associations together with other pensioner associations. There are now some thirty member occupational pensioner associations in the OPA with a combined membership of over one million people


The aims of the Alliance are to represent the views and interests all member organisations.
To achieve this it lobbies parliament and responds to government inquiries on matters impacting its members as well as building relationships with the pension industry. In addition the OPA takes every opportunity to represent the interests of occupational pensioners to the media.


The Alliance has a Council of twelve members, each from a member organisation, which meets four times a year. The Councillors are elected every twelve months at the AGM where member associations also have the opportunity to review and comment on the activities of the Council. Since its founding the CAA RSA has always has always provided a Councillor.

Regional Meeting

There are three regional meetings a year at which there is a presentation on a subject of interest to the members. These have included presentations by the Pension Regulator, Pension Protection Fund and representatives of the pension industry. The Regional meetings are held at the Riverside Arts Centre, Lower Sunbury, TW16 5QF and all CAA RSA members are very welcome to attend.


The OPA operates its own website:- opalliance.org.uk At this site can be found further information on the OPA together with details of forthcoming regional meetings and the presentational material from past regional meetings. CAA RSA members who take an interest in pension matters will find the presentations material relevant and very informative.

Next Regional Meeting at Sunbury

Thursday the 16 February at 1030 to discuss Government Works and Pensions Select Committee Report.