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This page has been introduced following the introduction of the Obituary section.  Records will be displayed on the main page for the applicable year and then transferred to this table as an archive for colleagues to refer to if required. We regret that we are unable to provide archive information prior to 2006.  The Data is as provided to the RSA and the tables are on a yearly basis.  The webmaster would be pleased to make any corrections necessary.)

SurnameInlsGradeLast LocationDate 2004
Pepper R L Photoprinter 1 Heathrow 02 August 2004
Callnan D SSL/Driver Davidstow Moor R S 12 December 2004

SurnameInlsGradeLast LocationDate 2006
Alexander J Senior Medical Officer CAA House 13 November 2006
Apperley B W G HEOTEE Gatwick 14 November 2006
Arnott, R ATSA 4 Bournemouth 01 July 2006
Bailey, W.F STPO Gatwick Airport 31 July 2006
Baldwin A J ATCA 2 Bournemouth Airport 11 December 2006
Barlow W. SATE Steers House 14 September 2006
BattJ RATCA1LATCC25 July 2006
Bennett E J Personal Secretary Brabazon House, 24 September 2006
Beveridge E ATSA 2 Belfast Airport 16 August 2006
Bird M.R. ATE 2 Prestwick , 21 August 2006
Blue N ATE 1 CAA House Jun 2006
Booker P M B ATSA 2 Edinburgh Airport 11 November 2006
Bradbury E O C ATE 1 Prestwick 21 October 2006
Braidwood E CO Aviation House 01 June 2006
Bramhall A. J. ATCA 2 LATCC, West Drayton 28 July 2006
Braybrook, L. J. PATE Space House 03 September 2006
Brealey K SATCO Gatwick Airport 01 March 2006
Broadbent R Grade B Adelphi 01 October 2006
Bryon R J ATCO2 Bournemouth , 03 November 2006
Buckfield G.A. Clerical Officer Central Library 21 July 2006
Butlin E A Paperkeeper Crown House 28 December 2006
Caira J.A. ATCO 2 Boscombe Down 11 September 2006
Clarke E.M. Assistant Brabazon House. Jun 2006
Connell W ATCO 2 RAE Bedford. July 2006
Connolly J A STPO Heathrow Airport , 24 December 2006
Cowell R.A. ATCO 2 LATCC, West Drayton, 13 September 2006
Craddock D L E DFSO Aviation House 25 November 2006
Crooks K W TA 3 Driver Heathrow Airport 24 October 2006
Cumming M B C Cleaner ScOACC 06 November 2006
Datta, B. ATSA 2 Heathrow Airport 07 August 2006
Dews D ATCO 2 Manchester Airport 15 October 2006
Dodds J H L Dwg. Office Aviation House, Edinburgh. July 2006
Dominy R E Aviation House 02 October 2006
Fowler O F SRB 10 December 2006
Gannon D H T/OO1 Aviation House 21 September 2006
GardnerR S HEOAviation House, Gatwick17 December 2006
Hamilton-Smith D. STPO Supt LATCC 15 August 2006
Hannigan C R OO2 OO2 19 November 2006
Harris J D Grade C CAA, Redhill, 22 September 2006
Harris J.W. ATSA 4 Heathrow Airport 07 July 2006
Hawthorne F ATCO 1 LATCC,20 December 2006
Hodgkinson H D Ch. Inv. Off. CAA House 03 November 2006
Hodgson D.G. Supt STPO Heathrow Airport03 August 2006
Jackson E JMG 8 (RR) CAA House Dec 2006
James D. W Cleaner Cheltenham 14 August 2006
Jenkins J H ATE 2 LATCC, 24 December 2006
King, D J ATCA 4 LATCC 29 December 2006
Markell D J ATE 2 Bournemouth . 08 October 2006
McMillan R M J Grade C Aviation House, Edinburgh 06 October 2006
Middlebrook A C.O. Aviation House 01 July 2006
Mitchell G JMG 3 Cheltenham 24 August 2006
Moseley A.J. DP8 Aviation House 14 August 2006
Moss D.J. ATCA 1 Heathrow Airport 01 June 2006
Owens H D PPTO Aviation House, Gatwick 29 December 2006
Pearson J. H. ATSA 3 LATCC 01 July 2006
Peasley F.R.W. ATCO 1 LATCC, West Drayton 16 August 2006
Perry W R P SATCO Manchester Airport , 15 December 2006
Rae J F ATCO 2 ScOACC, Prestwick 21 October 2006
Ratcliffe A.M. ATCA 1 Heathrow Airport August 2006
Ray I.D.l ATCO 1 Killard Point 18 August 2006
Reynolds C J HEO Aviation House. August 2006.
Reynolds F M Grade B1 Brabazon House, Redhill 13 December 2006
Rich G C ATCE 4 LATCC 29 December 2006
Rickman I CO CAA House 19 October 2006
Robson R ATSA 2 LATCC, May 2006.
Russell M.E.J. Band 10.2 CAA House 02 September 2006
Rutherford P J Grade B CAA House 20 December 2006
Searle J.W. EO EPL 24 July 2006
Selkirk R ATCO 2 JATCRU, Lindholme 16 April 2006
Shepherd, R W C.T.O AAA Office, Liverpool , 06 October 2006
Smith F T ATE 1 Heathrow Airport 16 November 2006
Sturgess R.F. ATCO 1 LATCC, West Drayton 08 August 2006
Teale M.E. Catering Assistant Redhill 18 August 2006
Watson W C TA3 Belfast Airport 08 October 2006
Watts M J OO2 CAA House 25 September 2006
Webber G. L. ATE 2 ATCEU, Hurn, 16 September 2006
Webster WD PPTO Gatwick 14 December 2006
Wilson C MSG 9 ScOACC 04 October 2006
Winyard, H Photoprinter Aviation House, Gatwick 01 April 2006
Worthy P G ATCE 6 (?) LATCC, 05 December 2006

SurnameInlsGradeLast LocationDate 2007
AberyE H ATCO1Hurn16 August 2007
Ackroyd B T E ATE 1 Ash Radar Station 30 March 2007
AllenNJATCO 2ScOATCC19 December 2007
AndrewK G WATCO 1LATCC08 July 2007
ArbuckleOEOBelfast22 November 2007
AustinD A AATSA 3LATCC02 August 2007
AwcockD L JMG7CAA House08 August 2007
BaillieWMSTPOPrestwick09 November 2007
BalsaminoG M DAOCAA House07 June 2007
BarnesS A ATCO 1CAA House14 September 2007
BealF M Senior CraftsmanATCEU13 August 2007
BeamishK BCASteers House, Liverpool17 August 2007
BeasleyR E Band 11.2Sipson House10 September 2007
Bevan, W A PTMG Aviation House, Gatwick 28 April 2007
BillimoriaR P ATE 2LATCC23 September 2007
BlackleyRMMATSA4Prestwick22 November 2007
Blackmur R N ATSA 4 LATCC 09 May 2007
Booth G B ATE 1 LATCC 27 February 2007
Boswell M E Clerical Officer CAFU, Stansted 09 May 2007
Bourne C J ATE 2 Gatwick Airport 26 April 2007
BoylanW T ATE 2NAMU,05 August 2007
Bradbury J O ATE 1 CAA House 04 January 2007
BrockADSATEStansted12 December 2007
BrodieDSATEPrestwick20 September 2007
Bullock G R ATCO 2 Heathrow 17 January 2007
Charlesworth A R SATCO LATCC 10 May 2007
ClaytonMJPSSOCAA House02 December 2007
Cook P J Clerical Officer Pinner 03 January 2007
CreightonA J H COCAA House20 June 2007
CutajarW H ATE 1CAA House09 August 2007
Daby A Personal Secretary Crown House 27 March 2007
Davenport R M AO Heathrow 10 February 2007
DaviesLICPScOCAA House25 November 2007
Day F E G PATE TEE Gatwick 07 March 2007
Dickson G M ATCO 1 CAA House 13 March 2007
Dobb R H A R B Member 01 May 2007
Down I G Typist AIS Pinner 27 April 2007
EltonJTelephonist SupervisorLATCC25 August 2007
ErrickerNSTypistCAA House13 October 2007
Evans I M Clerical Officer CAA House 29 April 2007
Farmer M ATCO 1 Manchester Airport 02 May 2007
GeeJ R ATCO 1Steers House, Liverpool,13 September 2007
GibbonsDEPATECAA House12 December 2007
GloverN FATE 1ScATCC20 June 2007
GodsellM J EOHillingdon House18 August 2007
Gorst D I ATCO 1 Bournemouth 16 March 2007
Greaves L M ATCO 2 LATCC 05 May 2007
GriffithsJPATSA 2Bournemouth23 November 2007
HallidayJSCACO 2LATCC30 November 2007
Halliday R D CFSO Aviation House, Gatwick 15 March 2007
Hawes A TA 4 Heathrow 17 January 2007
HillPRATE 2Ash Radar Station28 November 2007
Hitchen L J ATCO 1 Manchester Airport 28 March 2007
Hitchings P D TA 3 Stansted Airport 05 April 2007
HollandJ CATCO 2Hurn02 July 2007
HorrocksNCONAMU Runcorn15 June 2007
HowlettJFATCO 2Gatwick27 October 2007
Jackson J T ATCA 1 Pinner 05 February 2007
Jackson T H with ARB Heathrow 10 February 2007
JasperFHCATE 1CAA House30 December 2007
JohnsonC PATCO 1Manchester Airprort31 October 2007
Kearsley W B C Telephonist Edinburgh Airport 25 March 2007
KirbyG FATE 2Bournemouth16 July 2007
KryskiwOSenior CraftsmanGatwick14 July 2007
LamondWSJMG 5Heathrow26 November 2007
Langston E A ATE 2 LATCC 22 May 2007
Law L A SATE LATCC 13 January 2007
LeiperAMTelephonistAberdeen06 December 2007
Lewis I M ATCO 1 CAA House 15 March 2007
LinesGDChief PhotoprinterCheltenham17 December 2007
Lunn T ATE 2 St Annes LRRS 23 March 2007
MarshallCEHCALATCC09 October 2007
MassinghamHSTPOLATCC01 September 2007
Mathiesen K C STPO LATCC 26 January 2007
Maynard R Band 12.3 CAA House 11 January 2007
McArthurD RBand 10.3ScATCC19 June 2007
McCaigEWATCA 2Aviation House28 October 2007
McCullochMjMcSTPOPrestwick22 October 2007
McDerment M M STPO ScATCC 30 March 2007
McGuire J S EO Aviation House, Edinburgh 15 February 2007
McKenzie J ATCA 1 Prestwick Airport 23 March 2007
MeighanJ IPSBrabazon Gouse30 June 2007
MillsR L TA3Greenford RS,20 August 2007
MitchellDIATCO 2Boscombe Down11 December 2007
Mitchell A J G ATCO 2 Edinburgh Airport 06 March 2007
Montgomerie J F Formerly a Civil Servant ICAO 10 February 2007
MooreR W ATCO 1CAA House25 August 2007
MorganD TSATCOCAA House19 July 2007
MorrallJCChief ScientistCAA House15 December 2007
MorssMNBand 10.3CAA House30 October 2007
MosdallB MCleanerHeathrow24 October 2007
MurphyECleanerPrestwick24 September 2007
Murray W ATE 1 Heathrow Airport 19 February 2007
Nicol H Telephonist Heathrow Airport 21 May 2007
Noble G ATCA 1 Manchester Airport 21 March 2007
O'HanlonE C Band 3Steers House, Liverpool11 October 2007
Pagano S TTO II Edinburgh Airport 25 February 2007
Paterson D ATCA 2 ScATCC 15 May 2007
Paton J ATCO 2 ScATCC 16 May 2007
PaulW H L ATE 2Burrington Radar01 September 2007
PearceF B PPTOCAA House00 January 1900
PollardL A CASAMU11 September 2007
PriorR F ATCO 1LATCC21 October 2007
QuayleL R ATCO 1Manchester13 October 2007
QuayleMJATCO 2Killard Point18 December 2007
Roberts R SATE CAA House, 11 April 2007
Roffey J ATCO 2 The Adelphi, London , 30 April 2007
SackettLECOSpace House28 December 2007
SandersKBMSEOPinner01 October 2007
Sargent W A TTO 1 Woburn Place 14 January 2007
Savage J T B3 Scottish ACC 10 February 2007
Sharp C M ATSA Heathrow 11 March 2007
ShawEOEOCAA House08 December 2007
SimkinsRAATE 2Stansted Airport20 October 2007
SmartJADriverLiverpool09 October 2007
Smith V E ATCE 5 Lowther Hill Radar13 March 2007
SnapeD E ATCO2Inverness Airport18 August 2007
Standley A G Grade C Airworthiness Division, Redhill 10 February 2007
Stevens J G ATE2 Ash Radar Station 30 January 2007
StewartD D JMG 8Aberdeen Airport29 August 2007
Stubbs G E SATE LATCC, 14 January 2007
Sutton I M CO Heathrow 20 February 2007
TaylorCATE 2Edinburgh29 December 2007
Terry H W SEO Heathrow 23 January 2007
TimperleyW T ATCO 1LATCC22 September 2007
TumeK E AAAviation House16 September 2007
VivianM HBoard Member & Deputy Chairman21 June 2007
Waldie J L ATSA 2 Edinburgh Airport 24 February 2007
Waller B ATSA 2 Manchester Airport 25 February 2007
Watson G TTO 3 Prestwick 28 January 2007
Welch A L Band 12.3 CAA House 05 February 2007
WhippeyM RATCO 3Cardiff Airport17 June 2007
WhitworthR K ATCO 2Bournemouth Airport01 September 2007
WhoriskeyM CCOBelfast01 November 2007
WilliamsM CTelephonist SupervisorLATCC27 October 2007
WillsE H(Ernie)TTO 1/ Navaids inspectorStansted Flying Unit09 July 2007
WillsH V ATE 1Gatwick Airport24 September 2007
WoodsG A ATSA 2 Gatwick17 October 2007
WrightDGBand 9.5LATCC30 December 2007

SurnameInlsGradeLast LocationDate 2008
BennettGCh. Medical OfficerAviation House, Gatwick05 May 2008
BerrimanD GATCO 2LATCC06 September 2008
BesK MTelephonistGatwick Airport28 May 2008
BolsoverWDDBrabazon House Redhill17 June 2008
BoothJPPTO 1Heathrow Airport 27 January 2008
BosssomaierR PC OAviation House, London16 July 2008
BoyleFTA 3Prestwick 10 March 2008
BrackstoneL AGrade CHeathrow Airport18 June 2008
BrownEATCA 2Belfast Airport20 April 2008
BrownRATE 1Bournemouth 09 February 2008
BrownWATSA 2Edinburgh Airport 12 March 2008
BunchB RBand 12.1CAA House04 March 2008
BurdenD JATSA 4LATCC22 June 2008
BurkeA EBand 10, prev.ATCO2Swanwick Centre29 October 2008
CohenME OSteers House, Liverpool27 July 2008
CosterD A SSnr.Supt. TypistAIS Pinner22 July 2008
CottonM SATSA 2Gatwick Airport30 September 2008
CraggM MC OManchester Airport23 November 2008
CrosslandW JATSA 4Heathrow Airport23 May 2008
CummingsDSMG 1Redhill02 July 2008
DanielsESATESt Annes LRRS07 December 2008
DawnG VATE 1TEE26 March 2008
DeansJ VATCO 1Edinburgh Airport13 September 2008
DiasG LATSA 4LATCC08 October 2008
DibbinG JATCO 2LATCC30 March 2008
ElliotR ATA 3Gatwick11 November 2008
EvansJ EA ODerby28 August 2008
EvesF MTelephonistSteers House, Liverpool22 June 2008
FlynnA P JD. Ops.CAA House10 January 2008
FoleyM P KSTPOSCOATCC07 February 2008
FortuneM JATCO 2LATCC30 October 2008
FrancisH ASTPOGlasgow Airport03 June 2008
FraserJ H HATCO 1Atlantic House18 November 2008
Fulton MSTPOPrestwick 14 January 2008
GalenW VPTO1Stansted23 December 2008
GallacherL FTypistAtlantic House14 November 2008
GlazierJBand 2CTE Bletchley31 July 2008
GordonS MEOAviation House, Edinburgh16 May 2008
GregoryJ L GInvestigations Off.CAA House12 October 2008
Griffiths EPCOSpace House11 January 2008
HallesyD PATCO 1ScOATCC09 December 2008
HallidayJ HATSA 3LATCC21 June 2008
HardyB E HCOBrabazon House Redhill06 April 2008
HarteG BATCO 2Birmingham Airport13 July 2008
HawesC J FATCO 1CAA House08 October 2008
HaynesV MBand 4Aviation House, Gatwick07 December 2008
HerbertPAATCA 2Hurn Airport 05 January 2008
HodgkissSCACO 3Prestwick 11 January 2008
HoldenM JP/T CleanerPrestwick Airport27 December 2008
JamesM P KLevel 8SCOATCC07 February 2008
JenkinsP D VSTPOLiverpool Airport12 September 2008
JohnsonM FBand 12CAA House20 November 2008
JohnstonW JOO 2Hurn11 November 2008
KellyW ESMGLondon25 July 2008
KempT SATE 2Burrington25 March 2008
KennedyA PAirworthinessBrabazon House30 May 2008
KernohanK CCraftsmanGatwick17 December 2008
KerrJ.ATCO 2LATCC30 April 2008
KirbyA WEOThe Adelphi11 January 2008
LacyDTypistAIS Pinner24 July 2008
Lane O D DCACO 3LATCC15 April 2008
LovelaceM ATA 4Stanstead Airport 08 January 2008
MaclaughlinW BATSA 2Aberdeen Airport 13 January 2008
MaherRATSA 2LATCC03 July 2008
MandersI MTA 4LATCC09 May 2008
MasonL MCACAA House07 July 2008
McLaughlinNATE2Gatwick Airport30 October 2008
MichaelT J EATCO 2Manston, Kent28 July 2008
MiddletonG EATE 1CAA House05 August 2008
MintramD CEOSouthampton 05 January 2008
MoranL AATCO 1LATCC12 November 2008
MoyleJ F MAirworthiness, Heathrow31 May 2008
MuirJ C McATE 1SCOATCC05 February 2008
NousiainB PTelephonistHaethrow Airport 19 January 2008
O'DuffyB P KCaptainAviation House Gatwick05 March 2008
O'SullivanJ MATE1SAMU Heston29 December 2008
OwenC DBand 4LATCC20 January 2008
ParslowL W TStoremanGatwick Airport13 October 2008
PeacockD A SFE/FOIAviation House07 January 2008
PearsallR EATCO 2Bournemouth18 June 2008
PembertonJ BATCO 1Eurocontrol Brussels19 January 2008
PendallD LC.A.Heathrow Airport24 July 2008
PetersonR JPTO 2Brabazon House Redhill10 February 2008
PotterC HATCO 2CATC Hurn08 May 2008
PrinceE GATE 1TEE Gatwick31 August 2008
PrinceE GATE 1TEE Gatwick31 August 2008
RalphA NPaperkeeperP & PS Cheltenham27 February 2008
RichardsonJGrade CCAA House18 September 2008
RichardsonJ JB 12.1Gatwick29 May 2008
RogersA MJMG 7CAA House30 July 2008
RuncimanM JATE 1Clee Hill09 March 2008
RussoVMSGBSpectrum House Gatwick28 August 2008
RyanM ESeniorMessengerCAA House06 November 2008
ScuttsJ CInformation OfficerCAA House11 December 2008
SealA CB 12.3Gatwick22 July 2008
SedonE PATE 1LATCC24 February 2008
ShawD J CO.O.2CAA House02 August 2008
SheldrickCleanerCTE Bletchley01 January 2008
SherringABand 11.1Aviation House Gatwick06 January 2008
SimondsF RHEOLiverpool01 September 2008
SinfieldK DATSA 4Bournemouth12 November 2008
SmithH W RCOGatwick12 June 2008
SmithTATCO 1Atlantic House06 December 2008
SnowdonSATE 2Glasgow Airport16 June 2008
SorbieLCleanerScOATCC05 November 2008
SpenceMCOAviation House Edinburgh17 March 2008
StewartJ GATE 2Hurn15 October 2008
TantJTA3Stansted Airport20 April 2008
ThompsonJATCO 2Liverpool11 August 2008
TimmsJ MSTPOHeathrow Airport11 September 2008
TippinsA GSnr CraftsmanLATCC05 April 2008
TravisH FATE 1CTE Bletchley03 November 2008
VineyG MATCA2Bournemouth31 October 2008
WadeM JSMG 2Crown House13 January 2008
WallaceH GATSA 2Heathrow Airport13 May 2008
WangLSATESt. Annes LRRS27 June 2008
WardS KTelephonistGlasgow Airport 09 March 2008
WelshWHEOAviation House Edinburgh10 March 2008
WilliamsB PATE 1CAA House21 December 2008
WilliamsonP LW S EngineerSt. Annes Radar29 April 2008
Wilson I AAADAT&S Hurn10 March 2008
WoodleyA MTelephonistHeathrow Airport 31 March 2008
YatesR GE OCAA Office Heston28 July 2008
YoungD A DJMG 8CAA House07 December 2008

SurnameInlsGradeLast LocationDate 2009
AbbottHSTPOManchester Airport05 February 2009
AndersonD MSDPAviation House01 September 2009
AndrewsMC.OCAA Redhill06 June 2009
BaldwinE EC.ARedhill02 June 2009
BarwellF A WCACO3Heathrow Airport11 January 2009
BattenE WATE1LATCC18 February 2009
BeagleyC AATCO2ScATCC06 March 2009
BeamsI M RBand2Burrington LRRS01 December 2009
BennettP JPTO4Aviation House31 July 2009
BinningA HATCO2Bournemouth19 December 2009
BromheadR CPATECAA House12 March 2009
BuchananM J FCOAviation House03 June 2009
BuchananN CFiremanBenbecula Aerodrome24 July 2009
CampJ AOO1Dept. of Transport12 June 2009
CampbellJ LManager,EngineeringLATCC28 October 2009
CarlillD GPATEAirspace House09 July 2009
ChillesA AATE1Prestwick12 November 2009
CooperLTA3SAMU Heston08 August 2009
DavisR GBand12.3CAA House27 April 2009
DimondM HCOCAA House01 September 2009
DudleyP T McDB1/PFOIAviation House28 August 2009
DunnLATCO1CAA House11 December 2009
DunnLATCO1CAA House11 December 2009
DurnoH TATE1Prestwick05 July 2009
EatonA W RATCO2RAF Buchan27 June 2009
EdwardJ FATCE5ScOACC14 September 2009
EvansI MCleanerSAMU, Heston29 July 2009
EvansR GMessengerCAA House19 June 2009
FlynnT TATSA3LATCC05 July 2009
FoleyJATCA2Atlantic House11 December 2009
ForsterA WATSA1Luton Airport18 December 2009
FrancisD MEOHeathrow Airport02 July 2009
FrancisS AEOAviation House20 September 2009
FunnellE LBrabazon House18 December 2009
FurnissB JSATEBournemouth Airport23 October 2009
GallagherM ABand4Aviation House, Gatwick16 August 2009
GallagherRCh.SuptSTPOAviation House, Edinburgh04 August 2009
GloverCATE2Belfast Airport31 March 2009
GreenD RSTPOSpace House21 July 2009
GristCBand12.3Aviation House, Gatwick23 April 2009
GrovesW E JGrade"C"CAA House14 July 2009
HaguesD.TA3Aberdeen16 September 2009
HallJGrade"B"Brabazon House, Redhill30 March 2009
HarperN RATSA4Aberporth11 December 2009
HarrisG MTelephonistHurn29 July 2009
HattonDPTMGLATCC12 September 2009
Hayward-LynchR ETA3OGC93LATCC10 March 2009
HolmesR L12.3Aviation House17 January 2009
HookerH FPhotoprinter1CAA House13 June 2009
HornA G BSuptSTPOAIS Pinner06 December 2009
HowitsonDStoremanEdinburgh Airport06 August 2009
HuntA HSATECAA House20 February 2009
JacksonR KATCO2LATCC03 July 2009
JonesS ISATEGatwick Airport23 February 2009
KalsiB PGradeDStoresSup'rLATCC25 December 2009
KerrE MBand1Glasgow Airport03 June 2009
KyleJ LATCO1LATCC21 December 2009
KyleJ LATCO1LATCC21 December 2009
LaneA.ATE2NAMU Runcorn08 April 2009
Langley *AgradeunknownManchester Airport19 November 2009
LangmanV MGradeBAviation House16 November 2009
LappinC TATCO1LATCC19 April 2009
LauchlanT D SATSA4CACC Heathrow23 January 2009
LemonDr. H JSeniorMedicalOfficerCAA House06 October 2009
Letsom-CurdR WATSA4LATCC09 January 2009
LobbJ ALibrarianESC Gatwick03 October 2009
LovegroveH JOfficeKeeper1Heathrow Airport29 September 2009
LuxtonVBand5CAA House26 June 2009
MachanDATE2Prestwick Airport09 February 2009
MackayA WATCO2ScOATCC11 November 2009
MacphersonDSTPOSupt.Heathrow19 February 2009
MallettT EGrade"C"CAA House26 May 2009
McCannKTelephonistAviation House08 November 2009
McClauchanD J ABoardMemberCAA House07 October 2009
McDonaldP VPATEScOATCC22 January 2009
McKenzieM LP/TCleanerEdinburgh Airport18 February 2009
MichieW GPATELATCC26 May 2009
MillsG ECraftsmanTEE Gatwick05 March 2009
MullerJ EBand12NATS, Centre Point07 March 2009
MullinsMSSAPAviation House26 May 2009
MurrinD RGradeCRedhill03 November 2009
NeesomeP MATSA2Manchester Airport05 June 2009
NewburyJ DATE2Ventnor LRRS24 January 2009
NisbettA VSATCOLATCC17 May 2009
PaceyE ECANorthern Office, Liverpool21 September 2009
PatersonJ AOGC20/ATCO2RAF Manston28 November 2009
PearcePC OAviation House15 January 2009
PearcePCOAviation House15 January 2009
PhelpsG ESATEHillingdon House05 September 2009
PhillipsW RATCO1ScOATCC08 July 2009
PhilpottT ETA3DriverCAA House17 February 2009
RabyFATE2Manchester Airport02 April 2009
RidleyMATCA2Manchester Airport12 May 2009
RobertsA W RATCO2RAF Buchan29 June 2009
RobinsonLTA3Hurn Airport31 January 2009
RobinsonL TOO2Safety Data Unit, Redhill17 July 2009
SandersJSFO1Aviation House24 May 2009
ScrivenerK OCOFlight Ops Aviation House25 February 2009
ShackletonMTypistAIS Pinner23 September 2009
SharpeR NATE2Stroud25 March 2009
ShermanE GSTPOCrown House30 October 2009
ShilcockR ASFE/FOIStansted30 August 2009
ShorockASeniorCraftsmanSt. Annes LRRS15 November 2009
SmithH A TelephonistGatwick07 December 2009
SpenceB CEOCAA House26 May 2009
StarkA DATCO1Liverpool Airport19 August 2009
StoneleyGAir Registration Board29 August 2009
StovellR MTelephonistGatwick Airport15 July 2009
SwantonA RMedical OfficerHeathrow Airport 26 December 2009
TaylorD WATCO2LATCC13 December 2009
TaylorHATCO2Gatwick Airport30 December 2009
TownsendE TFl.CrewLicensingAviation House18 May 2009
TuckerB WPrincipalCAA House13 September 2009
TurnerJ RSEORedhill20 May 2009
Underwood-GroundC EATSA2Hurn21 November 2009
WainwrightTATE1Birmingham Airport12 August 2009
WardC MATCO2DAT & S08 July 2009
WashingtonJ H WATCE3LATCC30 March 2009
WatermanR JATE1LATCC15 November 2009
WillsG ASATEHeathrow Airport09 November 2009
WrightG HCOAviation House, Edinburgh19 May 2009
YoungS MSTPOHeathrow Airport02 March 2009

SurnameInlsGradeLast LocationDate 2010
AdamsJ PSnr. Sup. TypistsLiverpool25 November 2010
AdamsK MBand 3Pailton27 February 2010
AdamsM T H00 2CAA House07 June 2010
AdcockR JPrincipalCAA House (seconded to Hong Kong)06 September 2010
AitkenR FBand 2.1Tee Gatwick17 March 2010
AllenS GSenior Fl. Ops InspectorAviation House21 October 2010
ArmitageK R MTelephonistGatwick14 March 2010
BainJ SATCO 2Sumburgh10 November 2010
BakerFSATESteers House29 December 2010
BarassHCACO 2Heathrow08 September 2010
BartonJ EC ORedhill30 November 2010
BastianiDATSA4Heathrow Airport16 October 2010
BatesW RExecutive OfficerAviation House12 November 2010
BennettJ HATSALATCC08 December 2010
BlackI SATE 1Atlantic House01 July 2010
BlockV DC A CRedhill07 April 2010
BoyesE AATCO 2Space House22 May 2010
BrookerP JATE 1Heston24 June 2010
BroxhamL ABand 3Heathrow Airport02 April 2010
BucklandJ ROO 1Aviation House, Gatwick19 March 2010
BurchellM IC.O.CAA House24 September 2010
ByfordSTelephonistStansted Airport19 August 2010
CampeyA CMessengerRedhill06 February 2010
CasbardR HPPTO "A"Redhill10 November 2010
CashmoreR FATE 1Cardiff Airport20 May 2010
ChargeG MC ALATCC15 April 2010
ChristieF WATCA 2Aberdeen Airport30 July 2010
ClarkeP JTechnical AssistantGatwick Airport10 August 2010
CooteB CP SRedhill21 March 2010
CornfordA EOO2Aviation House17 December 2010
CoxD H RATSA 2Manchester Airport28 June 2010
CrockettW FPatrolmanBletchley19 November 2010
CrossG SSTPOSumburgh Airport08 April 2010
CulleyH HSATEStansted30 November 2010
DaviesKATSA 4Stansted Airport13 January 2010
DavisG LCACO 3Heathrow Airport08 March 2010
DevaneyL HATCO 2JATRCU Watton03 November 2010
DewarEPaperkeeperAviation House, London06 March 2010
DixonA S (Stan)ATCO 2Manchester Airport22 February 2010
DoveJ GATE 1Manchester Airport01 October 2010
DowneyJATCOBenbecula Airport09 September 2010
DrewS MSenior CraftsmanHurn Airport31 May 2010
DyeM Jgrade unknownlocation unknown08 December 2010
EatonD D PATCO 2RAE Larkhill18 February 2010
EverettD RE OATCEU, Hurn30 August 2010
FavreR ASMG 1Uxbridge26 May 2010
FindlayWATCA 2ScATCC25 August 2010
FosterJATCO 1ScATCC31 December 2010
FrancisA EATCO 2Bournemouth15 June 2010
FreemanA LATCO 1LATCC02 July 2010
GibsonArchibaldSTPOAtlantic House, Scotland13 December 2010
GillibrandP.TranslaterHeathrow02 July 2010
GilliesG ESTOPort Ellen, Isle of Islay30 August 2010
GilroyRHEORedhill19 February 2010
GoddardN P MSTPOHeathrow03 February 2010
GossT JATCO 2Gatwick Airport05 September 2010
GourleyJ BSenior CraftsmanBarnsford16 January 2010
GrantPOO 1CAA House23 March 2010
GreeneM TDriverGatwick Airport12 July 2010
GriffinC EATCO 1LATCC23 June 2010
GrovesMMATSA2Gatwick06 October 2010
GummerJATE2Ventnor LRRS23 September 2010
HardingJ BGrade "C"LATCC10 February 2010
HassellD LATCE 3LATCC18 March 2010
HazeltineCSenior CraftsmanRedhill03 October 2010
HeatonMTelephonist SupervisorLATCC16 September 2010
HelferTHead of F. OpsAviation House29 October 2010
HilliardA HATCO 2LATCC03 October 2010
JakesA GATCO 2Farnborough12 November 2010
JewittJCraftsman XBirdlip/Winstone Radio Station21 October 2010
JonesB MBand 5.1Aviation House Gatwick06 April 2010
JonesLBand 3NAMU, Runcorn18 September 2010
JoyceG WOO 2Seychelles09 May 2010
KellyR PATE 1Clee Hill LRRS31 July 2010
KelseyR JOO 1Heston Aerodrome06 February 2010
KempPATCO 1LATCC24 April 2010
KeohaneKATCO 2ScOACC23 July 2010
KilmartinJGrade B2ScOATCC10 October 2010
KingB JOO1Aviation House30 August 2010
KingL SATSA 2LATCC08 December 2010
KnightB G BTypistGatwick20 January 2010
KnightW JBand 11.3Heathrow Airport29 July 2010
LeishmanA SATCO 1ScOATCC03 April 2010
LittleJ A.Part time CleanerScOATCC29 January 2010
LockwoodJ ESMG 1CAA House17 July 2010
LondonA G (Jack)Grade BCAA House16 October 2010
LongW HATE 1CAA House25 April 2010
LynchR PATE 2Stansted Airport09 November 2010
LynnJDriverGlasgow Airport06 April 2010
MacDonaldJGrade C DD/ATCHillingdon House22 September 2010
MacleanGManager ATSSumburgh Airport04 December 2010
MacleodCATCA 2Glasgow Airport31 October 2010
MacpheeAATE 2Sandwick LRRS30 March 2010
ManvilleW WMessengerGatwick19 October 2010
MarrG LATE 1ScATCC24 January 2010
MarshallRATE 1CAA House14 September 2010
McDonaldS MSnr. Data ProcessorCAA House27 September 2010
MeyrickP WSTPOLATCC19 December 2010
MidmoreJ GATE 2Bournemouth25 November 2010
MillarG J OATSA 2Atlantic House08 June 2010
MillsF WATE 2St. Annes LRRS26 August 2010
MinchinF JATCO 2CATC Bournemouth23 October 2010
MorrisM.STPOHeathrow Airport27 July 2010
MorrowR SCSMG 2CAA House07 April 2010
MurphyD AATE 2Tels CSM, Aston Down14 November 2010
NicholasM ITelephonistLATCC02 November 2010
OdellJTA 3LATCC20 August 2010
PeaceJATE 1Prestwick Airport09 January 2010
PeilFSATESteers House, Liverpool16 January 2010
PickettJ KFlight ExaminerBournemouth04 March 2010
PizzalaF CPrincipalRedhill11 December 2010
QuartermanB JSTPOHeathrow Airport22 September 2010
RedmayneW NATE 1Prestwick Airport26 June 2010
ReillyO RATE 1Highfield Park10 May 2010
ReynoldsP JBand 9.4Gatwick Airport, ATS28 August 2010
RogersA.ATCO 1LATCC15 June 2010
RogersM JOO2Redhill23 December 2010
RowberryM ITelephonistBirmingham Airport24 February 2010
SawyerW GATE 1CAA House23 May 2010
ShearsK RSupt. TypistsCAA House02 November 2010
ShepherdM NSEOCAA House20 May 2010
ShuckburghJ SOO 1Redhill12 May 2010
SlatterR KPPTOCAA Airworthiness,Jordan Office16 January 2010
SmithD.TEE, GatwickATE 209 July 2010
StannardE ASenior CraftsmanGatwick14 November 2010
StattonF E TPTO3Harmondsworth10 October 2010
TaylorB CATCO 2LATCC26 June 2010
TaylorT CSupervisor TelephonistWest Drayton27 May 2010
TeagoJ CPTO 2Redhill06 April 2010
TerringtonD GGrade BCAA House24 October 2010
ThomsonM R BATCO 1LATCC06 June 2010
ThorpeH AATE 2Gatwick30 September 2010
TollF.CAA DriverChedburgh Radio Station16 February 2010
TowningA JATE 2LATCC30 December 2010
TownsendD VChief AccountantSAU Edinburgh11 December 2010
TuckR WATCO 1Manchester28 May 2010
TuckerF JBand 12.3Gatwick25 September 2010
TurnerC.OGrade "C"Luton Airport21 February 2010
VarneyR IGrade BAviation House03 June 2010
WainwrightR JOO 1CAA House28 September 2010
WaldridgeA DATCO 1Hurn Airport25 March 2010
WalkerDATCO 2ScOATCC20 April 2010
WardESATELATCC12 December 2010
WarnerD WSATECAA House26 June 2010
WarrenJ FAO Band 4LATCC15 June 2010
WestLC OHeathrow Airport08 January 2010
WestLATCO 1Heathrow Airport04 June 2010
WheatlandR JATSA 2CACC, Heathrow05 April 2010
WheatleyP KSTPO SupervisorGatwick Airport16 October 2010
WhiddettS DSuperintendentTEE Gatwick Airport South21 August 2010
WhiteheadO WTA 3 DriverHarmonsworth, Heathrow02 March 2010
WilliamsJ A AATSA 4Swanwick Centre15 August 2010
WithamHTelephonistStansted Airport16 January 2010
WoollandJ SSATEHurn17 March 2010
WoolmoreP RBand 5.1ESC Gatwick24 March 2010
WraithR JGrade B (Department Head)Redhill26 May 2010

SurnameInlsGradeLast LocationDate 2011
AdcockRobert GChief Investigations OfficerCAA House24 September 2011
AduEmmanuel SRegistry ClerkCAA House08 March 2011
AinsworthCyrus JATE 2Manchester Airport21 May 2011
AlexanderJames KSATECAA House, London11 December 2011
BaconHarry JSenior CraftsmanGatwick Airport29 November 2011
BallThomas HClerical OfficerShell Mex House29 June 2011
BarnfieldRosina FPhotoprinter 1Greville House, Cheltenham22 March 2011
BatemanDerekATE 1Lowther Hill05 May 2011
Bath-BurleyTerrence DBand 3.1LATCC16 January 2011
BayesGordon HATCO 2Hurn Airport28 August 2011
BeasleyRoberta JTypistWest Drayton11 February 2011
BellJimDriverHeathrow29 April 2011
BelseyAlfred JHEOAviation House, London08 October 2011
BeniferRobertCashierCAA House10 April 2011
BinesJoyce BEOAviation House21 August 2011
BloxhamCyril KTA1 Senior StoremanBournemouth13 July 2011
BoagJamesATSA 2ScOATCC24 February 2011
BoardmanCarlisle WATCO 2JATCRU Watton21 March 2011
BoningRobin WSRG level 1Aviation House09 May 2011
BorbonJack SPrincipalCAA House01 April 2011
BoycePeter JATCE 4CTC31 December 2011
BrennanJeannette ETelephonistHeathrow Airport30 December 2011
ButtimerDerek J BCACO 3Pailton20 February 2011
ByrneNora E JExecutive OfficerCAA House03 June 2011
CarseChristina PCOAviation House, Edinburgh28 October 2011
ClementsJohn WATCO 1CAA House16 May 2011
CoatesAlanDirectorCAA House25 April 2011
ColemanMary JSupervisor TelephonistGatwick Airport28 November 2011
CooperMaurice GATCO 2Heston29 March 2011
CowieWilliam DATCOScOACC14 May 2011
CoxRonaldCh Supt. STPOHeathrow Airport21 November 2011
CulleyAnthony BATCO 2Bournemouth28 April 2011
CummingsTerence CTA 3 DriverHarmondsworth, Heathrow Airport11 February 2011
DaveyACOHarmondsworth14 December 2011
DavisGordon RMSG 8Keynsham08 June 2011
DawsonEvelyn ACOAviation House, Edinburgh31 August 2011
DevlinMaryTelephonistBelfast21 January 2011
DevlinHughATE 1Glasgow Airport20 March 2011
DickinsonMildred MCOPreston Signal Centre07 May 2011
DraddyWilliamATE 2TEE Gatwick30 October 2011
DuffElizabeth J LSupt TypistsAviation House, Edinburgh25 July 2011
DunlopJean BSTPOScOACC13 March 2011
ElliotJeannette PBand 4Aviation House, Gatwick01 August 2011
FergusonGeorge MSATESAMU (Heathrow)20 October 2011
FielderKenneth GATSA 2LATCC23 November 2011
FitchBernard COO 2Aviation House10 August 2011
FrithJohn EATCO 1LATCC15 February 2011
GallimoreReginald JPrincipalAviation House27 May 2011
GibsonJohann SSTPOGlasgow Airport22 August 2011
GilbertSheila DEOScATCC25 August 2011
GunnValerie AT/HEO Personnel ServicesAviation House25 January 2011
GunningIris DCOP & PS Cheltenham13 June 2011
HallPeter WATE 1Heathrow Airport18 June 2011
HanleyBernardATCO 1Manchester Airport28 April 2011
HansfordJohn PSATEGatwick11 February 2011
HarrisRobert GSenior CraftsmanTeesside Airport16 November 2011
HarrisEdward CPATECAA Flying Unit29 November 2011
HawkinsRowland PEOHeathrow Airport26 November 2011
HeardBrian E JATCO 1LATCC30 June 2011
HeathRobert AATCO 1LATCC05 June 2011
HerbertDennis JHEOCAA House25 March 2011
HewlettDavid EATCE 2LATCC15 October 2011
HeywoodMichael DATSA 2Manchester Airport02 January 2011
HiltonJamesATE 1LATCC12 January 2011
HobbyMichael JATE 2TEE, Gatwick28 January 2011
HoltGordonATCE 4St. Annes23 June 2011
HolyoakGabrielle MATCA 1LATCC04 April 2011
HorlockAnneTelephonistBournmouth Airport26 April 2011
HoughtingMaximillian FATE 1Heathrow14 December 2011
HowardNorman PPrincipalSpace House, London29 January 2011
HowellSidney JSEOAviation House, London15 November 2011
HowlettPercyPPTO 'A'Redhill04 January 2011
HughesThomas PATSA 3MACC29 January 2011
HulmeAileenOGC 12 TypistSteers House, Liverpool15 July 2011
HuntBarbara MHeathrow Airport13 March 2011
HyamReginald SATCO 1LATCC08 August 2011
ImrieAlexanderOO2Aviation House04 June 2011
JacksonTrevor JBand 2 AdminSpectrum House, Gatwick11 October 2011
JepsonPeter TA/SATECAA House07 June 2011
KashdanJoan M MB.41Gatwick24 July 2011
KehoeRichard TATSA 2Heathrow Airport27 November 2011
KennyEdwardCACO 2LATCC17 May 2011
KidbyGeoffreyPrincipalBrabazon House15 December 2011
KnottleyIngeborg J KClerical OfficerCAA House15 July 2011
LambertHarold BPATETEE Gatwick20 January 2011
LanglerArthur RDFSOAviation House, London03 May 2011
LeatherbarrowJohn H EATCA 2Boscombe Down22 October 2011
LeesAlan P (Dr.)Senior Medical OfficerCAA House15 May 2011
LindonLeslieTA 2Steers House, Liverpool10 December 2011
LodgeJohn E WChief Fire Service OfficerAviation House25 September 2011
MacleanWilliam DLeading FiremanIsle of Tiree01 March 2011
MagrathWilliam J QATCO 2Boscombe Down14 October 2011
MakinsFrancis JSATEHeathrow Airport03 June 2011
MarioniNadiaCatering AssistandAviation House13 April 2011
MarshallMatthewATE 1Prestwick Airport13 July 2011
McCarthyDerek EATSA 3LATCC13 May 2011
McDonaghJohnATE 1Aberdeen Airport20 February 2011
McFadzeanJohn AATSA 2ScOATCC20 May 2011
McIntoshDavid AATE 1Inverness Airport14 November 2011
McIntyre-UreDonald JATE 1Heathrow17 July 2011
McLeonardVictor B MATCO 1ScATCC25 January 2011
McMurchyIainBand 3Rhu Stafnish02 June 2011
McNultyMalcolmDriver/HandymanAviation House04 February 2011
MilesEarnest WHEOAviation House19 May 2011
MooreThomas E ACACO 3Heathrow05 May 2011
MorrisMalcolm CATE 1Gatwick13 May 2011
MuirheadJohn H APATEMetropole Buildings28 February 2011
MurphyTerence PATCOStansted Airport09 September 2011
NairnJames WATCO 1LATCC30 December 2011
NixonWarwich WATCO 2Atlantic House13 June 2011
OakesWilliam AEOAviation House08 June 2011
PallettEdwin H JKnowles/Brabazon House, Redhill30 January 2011
PardoeJohn G MDirector General, Airworthiness DivisionBrabazon House, Redhill03 September 2011
ParrJohn RDG AUCKingsway House03 December 2011
PennCecil JATE 2LATCC01 August 2011
PeterkinWilliam J WSTPOAberdeen Airport17 September 2011
PirieIan AD/ATE 1Ash LRRS, Kent09 February 2011
PorterElizabeth ATA 4Bletchley25 July 2011
PritchardArthur JATE 1LATCC05 January 2011
PruntyPatrick J FATE 1TEE, Gatwick12 August 2011
QuinnPeter BCraftsmanBurrington LRRS20 March 2011
ReesJohn ISMG 2Aviation House, Gatwick11 March 2011
ReevesDenis NSATECAA House11 March 2011
RentonMargaret AHEOAviation House, Edinburgh22 July 2011
RichardsonKeithManager ATCScoACC Atlantic House, Prestwick22 July 2011
RoachAlan RSTPOHeathrow Airport19 December 2011
RobertsKenneth LOO 2CAA House16 January 2011
RobertsFlorence MTypistRedhill26 January 2011
RobertsKeithATSA 2Manchester Airport18 October 2011
RobertsonThomas DATCE 4Atlantic House, Prestwick13 August 2011
RobertsonJamesATSA 2Edinburgh Airport16 October 2011
RossJamesTA 2 StoremanSMC Barnsford, Renfrew27 November 2011
RussellCliveATE 1Heathrow Airport24 February 2011
SharpMaryP/T CleanerPrestwick10 January 2011
ShortEileenTelephonist SupervisorPreston Signals Centre24 October 2011
SladeRobert H HChief, Aeronautical Information and Charts SectionMontreal, Canada14 November 2011
SmartJames ADP 8CAA House, London21 January 2011
SmithJames JATE 1Aberdeen Airport14 August 2011
SmithWilliam L JTA 3 DriverVentnor LRRS, Isle of Wight16 September 2011
SmithMargaret OAAWick Airport, HIAL27 September 2011
SpaullJoanEOCheltenham09 December 2011
SwanLilyAOCAA House14 August 2011
TawseHester M MHEOCAA House27 December 2011
TaylorRobert EATE 2Gatwick14 March 2011
TaylorAlbert VEOSpace House12 December 2011
TebbJean FClerical AssistantHeston27 January 2011
ThomsonPatrick JSTPOAtlantic House28 November 2011
TipperAudrey ROGC2 AOHeathrow Airport21 March 2011
ToppAlan JATCO 2ScOATCC01 December 2011
WalesNorman KATSA 2Heathrow Airport09 March 2011
WalkerElizabeth JATSA 3MNew Prestwick Centre20 October 2011
WardGordon FSATEHillingdon House28 August 2011
WatermanBryan CSMG 2CAA House27 July 2011
WhiteFrederick AGrade B SMGCAA House28 December 2011
WilkinsonNorman TSFE/FOIStansted03 February 2011
WilkinsonGordon JPATE, Head of TelsCAA House30 May 2011
WilliamsonPhilip JATE 2Belfast Airport31 May 2011

SurnameInlsGradeLast LocationDate 2012
SnellEileen MCleanerHeston Aerodrome03 January 2012
StintonDarrollTest PilotAviation House, Gatwick06 January 2012
DawkinsNorman ACraftsmanDebden Radar09 January 2012
SimpsonJames C WATCA 1Heathrow Airport10 January 2012
MurchisonMary MTelephonistManchester Airport11 January 2012
PennHillary DCOPinner11 January 2012
RobinsonPaul AGrade BCAA House13 January 2012
HardingPhilipSATELATCC13 January 2012
St. JohnOliver B.Chief ScientistCAA House26 January 2012
DempseyJamesATE 2Glasgow Airport27 January 2012
AdamsPeter JGrade CAirworthiness division, Redhill28 January 2012
SmithDorothy MCOTEE Gatwick28 January 2012
TylerMary ECOCAA House29 January 2012
NichollsCaroline LCOCAA House30 January 2012
HartJohn AATCA 2Liverpool Airport01 February 2012
WilsonFrancis CATE 1Space House11 February 2012
RodgersOlive MSTPOHeathrow14 February 2012
DinhamPeter J EATCO 2CAA House15 February 2012
CoxGeorge L JATCO 1LATCC18 February 2012
MardenEdward JPrincipalBrabazon House18 February 2012
CoppKenneth MManager EngineeringManchester Airport24 February 2012
WoodsEric HHead of FCL 2Aviation House24 February 2012
PhilpottCharles WDriverSandwich26 February 2012
WareIan FATE 2Gatwick27 February 2012
GrantDouglas HPTOCAA House28 February 2012
HutchinsonRobert AATCA 1LATCC28 February 2012
PaszkowskiLeokadiaAOStansted Airport29 February 2012
EastopMatilda GCOSpace House01 March 2012
WaltonAnthony LMessengerHeathrow02 March 2012
WilliamsSidney GT/HEOPinner07 March 2012
BrownAlice OATSA 3LATCC07 March 2012
PattenWilliam G JInvestigation OfficeCAA House12 March 2012
HalstedVenetia MSH TypistCheltenham15 March 2012
PlumridgeLeslie TBand 5.2TEE Gatwick18 March 2012
HayIan GATE 1Edinburgh Airport19 March 2012
SaxonBeryl VEOLATCC23 March 2012
FisherJohn RATSALATCC26 March 2012
BartholomewHanneloreSupt TypistsBrabazon House, Redhill26 March 2012
HannabusStella MCOp & PS Cheltenham28 March 2012
WoodmanJames JATCO 2Manchester Airport29 March 2012
FreemanAlan VA/ATE 1Kent29 March 2012
MorganPaulATSA 2Gatwick Airport31 March 2012
LanderWilliamATCA 2Boscome Down01 April 2012
JonesJohn LCACO 3Heathrow Airport02 April 2012
WhiteWilliam WSenior CraftsmanAtlantic House04 April 2012
NowellDouglas TATCO 2Cardiff Wales Airport07 April 2012
CurrenJeannieP/T CleanerAtlantic House09 April 2012
McAnerneyCornelius RATE 1Glasgow Airport13 April 2012
BeynonDonald RStoremanTEE Gatewick13 April 2012
NobleShiela CScOACC14 April 2012
JohnsonJohn WATCA 2CATC17 April 2012
DavisRacel VSecretaryBrabazon House, Redhill17 April 2012
WrightDoreen FAOCheltenham19 April 2012
BallKenneth AGrade 12Aviation House, Gatwick21 April 2012
FrawleyJohn JATSA 3Heathrow24 April 2012
BowkerWilliam SFSOGatwick26 April 2012
HutchinsonLeslie HATCO 2Hurn27 April 2012
FleckneyWillioam T HOO2CAA House30 April 2012
ScotchbrookJoan LCOAviation House03 May 2012
BullmanDavid JATE 3LATCC05 May 2012
KingErnest W GPPTOGatwick06 May 2012
WestwellHaroldCACO 3RMS Pailton06 May 2012
GourdJohnATCO 1LATCC08 May 2012
ArchGeoffrey PBand 5Bournemouth10 May 2012
DowningDorothy ACOPreston11 May 2012
WhiteVeraEOCAA House14 May 2012
BakerCecil BPScOAdelphi14 May 2012
WelchWilfred JATCO 3Heathrow15 May 2012
CliftonArthur JPPTOHeathrow15 May 2012
CookKenneth FTA 3Heathrow27 May 2012
CooperEdward HPTO IVGatwick29 May 2012
MelhuishJohn W KATE 1Bournemouth06 June 2012
WarnerEric R GPATECAA House07 June 2012
CollinsJoseph PatrickATE 1Heathrow Airport12 June 2012
BakerDoris RP/T Shorthand TypistCAA House13 June 2012
HartAnthony G AATE 2Gatwick18 June 2012
BritnellCliveSystems & EquipmentBrabazon House, Redhill19 June 2012
BaronGeoffreyFOIGatwick29 June 2012
SangsterMarguerite LCOCAA House01 July 2012
HunterRobert DBusiness Strategy ManagerCTC04 July 2012
MillerMargaret L FEOAviation House, Edinburgh11 July 2012
ClydeRobertSenior CraftsmanGatwick14 July 2012
KirbyGeorge FSATECAA House14 July 2012
LeitheadSamuel PJoint Field CommanderHillingdon House15 July 2012
HillsRobert S DATCOManchester Airport20 July 2012
AndrewsGeorge A PJMG 8Gatwick21 July 2012
SimpsonKennethPTO 1Redhill (detatched to Perth)26 July 2012
GilesAlan LBand 11.1Bournmouth29 July 2012
BakerRichard SATE 1CTE Bletchley31 July 2012
HeroeOliver JATE 2LATCC31 July 2012
CunninghamGeorge HATSA 3Atlantic House05 August 2012
MasonArthur PSFOIAviation House07 August 2012
BensonKim JATSA 3Manchester Airport09 August 2012
ThurstonBettyCOSouthern Office09 August 2012
HeathEricATCO 2Manchester Airport10 August 2012
TrainerMary CATSA 2Atlantic House11 August 2012
WillcocksMaud ECOHeston Aerodrome13 August 2012
HeathRobert J SSATEHeston13 August 2012
BartonBarbara MCOPinner16 August 2012
HedgeChristopher A RBand 10.3 FSOAviation House, Gatwick20 August 2012
ClaytonArthur JSenior CraftsmanTEE, Gatwick21 August 2012
MaslinBernard RATCA 1LATCC27 August 2012
CrabFlorence ICOStansted House01 September 2012
DayJohnATE 1Airways House, Runcorn02 September 2012
BainesMary DATCA 2Manchester Airport03 September 2012
ScanlonJohnPPTO ARedhill07 September 2012
ColeDouglasSenior ScOSpace House09 September 2012
VickersMichael CATCE 6LATCC10 September 2012
StaleyRoyATCO 1SRG Sipson Court11 September 2012
HolcroftPeterATCO 1LATCC13 September 2012
WilsonAlexander MSATECAA House15 September 2012
PerrettPeter AATE 2TEE Gatwick18 September 2012
EvansWilliam JSnr CraftsmanGatwick19 September 2012
HayesKennethOps OfficerSDAU SRG Gatwick22 September 2012
KerriganPhilip P APrincipal FOIAviation House23 September 2012
WagstaffAnthony ESen. Medical OfficerCAA House24 September 2012
NewmanIvy EBand 3CAA House28 September 2012
McMahonMaureenTelephonistBelfast Airport29 September 2012
LawtonHarry BATE 2LATCC01 October 2012
EganEdith D MMessengerHeathrow Airport02 October 2012
FisherMargaret PAOCAA House07 October 2012
BrennanVictor S GSMG 2CAA House08 October 2012
BonnyGeoffrey LOO 1CAA House09 October 2012
LivermoreBrendaSTPOLATCC10 October 2012
PetreGeorge WOO 1Aviation House, London15 October 2012
BedboroughElviraSTPOLATCC17 October 2012
SturrockGraham DFOIGatwick R.O.17 October 2012
MurdochIan GFE 2Stansted22 October 2012
PayneAnthony CSATELATCC23 October 2012
HaleDavid LBL-PFOIStansted Airport23 October 2012
WilsonJamesCACO 4Heston24 October 2012
PatienceDonald J MTA 3Inverness Airport26 October 2012
StraceyJohn FATE 2LATCC26 October 2012
MillerJames LEOManchester Airport01 November 2012
DunlopValerie EATCA 4Belfast Airport04 November 2012
MilesRodney CATSA 4LATCC07 November 2012
McKeenNorman CATE 2Belfast Airport07 November 2012
CarterRoger WATCO 2Heathrow Airport (Att. Farnborough)09 November 2012
StylesJeremy L AATCA 2Bournemouth Airport11 November 2012
WarwickJean MATSA 2LATCC13 November 2012
WardaleJosephCraftsmanRuncorn14 November 2012
PhelpsSylvia JBand 4Aston Down14 November 2012
HartGeorge PATCE 5Pailton17 November 2012
FitzgeraldMartinATE 2Belfast Airport18 November 2012
CarterGraham CCACO 3RAOS Edinburgh21 November 2012
LixenbergJudahATE 1CAA House23 November 2012
EaglandMarjorie MCAPinner25 November 2012
BunnEdward RATCO 1LATCC26 November 2012
WoodleyRoy J ROO 2Flight Ops, Aviation House27 November 2012
OhanMinasATE 1Manchester Airport29 November 2012
UnsworthLouise MGrade 7Aviation House30 November 2012
SmithBrian JATCO 2Manchester Airport01 December 2012
BrentEdward AOO2Aviation House02 December 2012
CarpenterJames TATCO 2Swanwick03 December 2012
BiggsPeter DSMGSpectrum House05 December 2012
PhilcoxDerek JATE 2Swingfield06 December 2012
KempHilda BSTPOLATCC07 December 2012
EvansAnthony TDep DirAviation House08 December 2012
McKenzieGordon AA/ManagerStornoway09 December 2012
LangfordAlan CATSA 4Heathrow09 December 2012
TredrayMichael ESMG 2CAA House09 December 2012
GossRonald VATCO 1 Chief OfficerBournmouth(Hurn) Airport10 December 2012
FugeFrederick MATE 1LATCC10 December 2012
BowkettEric WATCO 2Hurn11 December 2012
ReynoldsEdward JATE 1St. Annes LRRS12 December 2012
CarrodusJohn ATest PilotBased at home14 December 2012
WoodwardEdward FATE 2Gatwick14 December 2012
PointonGraham AATE 1LATCC16 December 2012
SellsGeorge BATCO 2SCATCC, Atlantic House20 December 2012
MeechanJohnDriverGlasgow Airport21 December 2012
ShorterAllan EATE 2Gatwick Airport24 December 2012
McAreaveyMargaretATCA 2Belfast30 December 2012
DowsettMichael JATCO 2Bournemouth30 December 2012
HartDaphne JBand 3Stansted30 December 2012
FordReginaldATCO 2DAT & S Hurn31 December 2012

SurnameInlsGradeLast LocationDate 2013
IngletonArthur PATSA 4Heathrow Airport01 January 2013
NewburyEric HCACO 3LATCC03 January 2013
CommonWilliam WOO2Aviation House, Edinburgh03 January 2013
JoyceFrank PATCO 2LATCC04 January 2013
SmithGeoffrey WHEOAviation House05 January 2013
HebronRalph SATCO 2CAA House07 January 2013
WagstaffCharles FATE 1Aston Down21 January 2013
WadeEric KGrade CCAA House22 January 2013
CarterEleanor M STelephonistManchester Airport23 January 2013
PattinsonAnthony CSRG Level 3Aberdeen25 January 2013
PerryGeoffreyATE 1Glasgow Airport27 January 2013
TolsonFrankGrade CCATO, Hillingdon House27 January 2013
LathamJohn GPTMGHeathrow ATS27 January 2013
AngelRobert RSTPO SuptHeathrow29 January 2013
CollinsBrian TATCO 2CATC Bournemouth29 January 2013
JohnstonEvelyn ASTPOEdinburgh Airport29 January 2013
McCallDugaldATCO 2Prestwick30 January 2013
HoughtonBarbara LAdmin OfficerInverness31 January 2013
BaileyGlenda JATCO 3Glasgow Airport31 January 2013
McInnesMary MCOPinner31 January 2013
GraverGeorge A DSEOAviation House03 February 2013
LynchPeterSRG Level 3Manchester04 February 2013
BelcherIan M KATCO 2CACC06 February 2013
MacleanAngusSenior CraftsmanTiree Aerodrome07 February 2013
FlynnPhyllis HATCO 2Bournemouth13 February 2013
CargillNeill SPTMGAviation House, Gatwick16 February 2013
PriceDenis VPPTORedhill17 February 2013
AitkenRobert TATCO 2Hurn Airport19 February 2013
BlackmanBernardTelephonistStansted Airport21 February 2013
WicksJohn RSMG2SRG Manchester Airport23 February 2013
StewartDouglas CPPTO ANairobi26 February 2013
ThompkinsEileen MCACAA House26 February 2013
SercombeChristopher BGrade CStansted03 March 2013
WeekesJames GSATECAA House06 March 2013
HadleyFrancis ASTPOLATCC06 March 2013
MacDermotJonathanATCO 2LATCC11 March 2013
MartinKenneth FCACO IVLATCC11 March 2013
CardAlanATCO 1LATCC13 March 2013
CottleMalcolm RSMGBarratt House, Luton14 March 2013
WhiteheadBarry JATSA 3Manchester Airport14 March 2013
HallJoanEOCAA House14 March 2013
WoodEricATCO 1Heathrow Airport16 March 2013
PegdenBrian KATSA 3Heathrow Airport17 March 2013
ColleyEileenEOCAA Southern Office Heston22 March 2013
TownsendJosephineCOAID Pinner22 March 2013
MarshallDaphne MCOUxbridge25 March 2013
CraigieJohn E GSMG 2, International ServicesAviation House, Gatwick27 March 2013
McGuiganKathleen VSTPOManchester Airport29 March 2013
PayneBasil GCACAA House01 April 2013
WilliamsCyril J EATE 1ATCEU Bournemouth03 April 2013
SeecktsHarry A WATCO 2CACC, Bournemouth09 April 2013
YoungmanAlan PATCA 2Bournemouth Airport11 April 2013
ColborneJudith ABand 4LATCC15 April 2013
HudsonWinstonATCO 2Boscombe Down17 April 2013
HardingWilliam JSenior CraftsmanGatwick18 April 2013
ValentimeKittie GCOPinner18 April 2013
CoeGeorge JATCO 2Hillingdon House20 April 2013
HowieElizabeth MATSA 2ScOATCC21 April 2013
CameronJames SATE 1Gatwick22 April 2013
TabonaCharlesBand 11.1Gatwick23 April 2013
RollReginald JATCO 2Hurn Airport27 April 2013
WoodRichard CATCE 3LATCC28 April 2013
TownendGeorge E RATE 1Belfast Airport30 April 2013
DaleyAlan JHead of General AviationAviation House, Gatwick01 May 2013
McArthurLouisATE 3ScOACC02 May 2013
StephensonVictor JPPTOLuton Area Office03 May 2013
ClarkDaphne GCOP & PS, Cheltenham07 May 2013
GhattakSadhal GEOCAA House08 May 2013
ThompsonBertram CSTPOGatwick Airport09 May 2013
CollinsLionel JATCO 2Cardiff09 May 2013
Sanne-JonesGeorge AATCO 1Barton Hall, Preston21 May 2013
McCraeGwynethTA IVHeathrow Hostel21 May 2013
WhytockWilliam LATE 1Prestwick Airport21 May 2013
MessengerArthur RPatrolmanWinstone Transmitting Station28 May 2013
KestertonCatherine RTelephonistLATCC03 June 2013
McGrottyJoseph LATCO 2Atlantic House09 June 2013
CouttsLeslie SATCE 4Stansted Airport10 June 2013
DixonLeslieATE 1LATCC10 June 2013
GilmourJessie ThomsonTelephonistPrestwick12 June 2013
PalmerThomas CuthbertATCA 2ScOATCC15 June 2013
GibsonDuncan GBand 12.3Aviation House, Gatwick17 June 2013
SmithRobertPTOSteers House19 June 2013
HewettGwendoline MCOCAA House26 June 2013
HolderJohn WBand 12.3NERC, Centre Point01 July 2013
MorganGraham EATE 1Gatwick05 July 2013
ElsburyEdward JATSA 4LATCC16 July 2013
JellettWilliam AATCO 2LATCC16 July 2013
Rosenorn-LanngMichael JOO 2London20 July 2013
BurtwellBryan WLeading Fire FighterInverness22 July 2013
JeffreyBasil FEOHeathrow22 July 2013
ByrneSidney GATCO 2Belfast Airport28 July 2013
ChapmanJohn G KATCO 2LATCC30 July 2013
MonkReginald RScOATCEU31 July 2013
BurgessJohn RCleanerSumburgh Airport02 August 2013
McMurrayAndrew YATCO 2Edinburgh Airport03 August 2013
ReakesMichael BATCO 2LATCC08 August 2013
ConnollyIsabelle CATSAManchester Airport13 August 2013
FoulkesSir Nigel GFormer CAA Chairman13 August 2013
McGovernJohnPP1Tels Drawing Office14 August 2013
WilliamsThomas SSTPOCACC Heathrow Airport19 August 2013
BrameldGladys DCOPinner19 August 2013
StreetonWilliam A CATCO 1Malvern25 August 2013
BanniganKathleenTelephonistGlasgow Airport25 August 2013
MurdenMichael AGrade BGatwick25 August 2013
PhillipsJoyce RCOCAA House28 August 2013
HebronJohn VATE 2Stores Depot, Aston Down31 August 2013
DouglasPeterATCA 1APrestwick01 September 2013
BarrettMargaret EPP 1TEE Gatwick03 September 2013
MannEuhemia RCOAviation House, Edinburgh05 September 2013
GrayFlorence MTelephonistGlasgow05 September 2013
HoganEileen MBand 4CAA House06 September 2013
PurbrickEdna CATSA 3Heathrow Airport07 September 2013
WallageDereckSATEPrestwick13 September 2013
MincedorfWilliam LChief Estates OfficerCAA House19 September 2013
LyonsMaurice EGrade C, DPICAA House20 September 2013
MolyneauxElizabeth BATCA 2Belfast Airport28 September 2013
EcclesJosephCAA DriverManchester Airport02 October 2013
KerrJohn GMSGGlasgow Airport03 October 2013
SmallJaneCOATCEU Bournmouth (Hurn) Airport05 October 2013
GuestRobert AOO IRedhill13 October 2013
FlynnMichael PTA 3 DriverSteers House, Liverpool16 October 2013
MasihiMatthewsEGCAA House25 October 2013
KennedyPeter SPR OfficerCAA House28 October 2013
BrownEricTA3St Annes Radar Station30 October 2013
FitchOlive PatriciaSenior Personal SecretaryUxbridge03 November 2013
KendalWilliam BrianSATEMarsham Street04 November 2013
AldridgeEileen RTEE Gatwick05 November 2013
RobinsonEileen MTelephonistManchester Airport11 November 2013
BreakwellEricScATCC19 November 2013
BusbyWilfred NATCA 1Manchester Airport19 November 2013
DavisGerald ETel. SupervisorHeathrow Airport22 November 2013
HurmanB RSPTDHurn Airport22 November 2013
HumphriesColinSTPOLACC23 November 2013
MargetsonCharlesSnr CraftsmanLACC25 November 2013
DrinkwaterAubreyATCA 2Manchester Airport26 November 2013
DunneMary MAACAA House27 November 2013
HuntFrederick SATCA 1Manchester Airport30 November 2013
ManleyHazel JSTPOATCEU, Hurn09 December 2013
MooreEdwardATSA 2ScOATCC13 December 2013
PriceJ MTelephonistRhoose Airport, Cardiff15 December 2013
PriceFreidyPP 1P & PS, Cheltenham16 December 2013
GeorgeKenneth GTA 3 DriverStansted Airport17 December 2013
SpaltonBertATCO 1Manchester Airport18 December 2013
JoyceRupert AATE 2LATCC21/22 December 2013
JoyGodfrey DATE 1ScOATCC23 December 2013
EllerbyJean FSupt. STPOManchester Airport25 December 2013
DunstanTerri P MCAHillingdon House, Uxbridge27 December 2013

SurnameInlsGradeLast LocationDate 2014
DowningEileen MMSG 8Claxby Radar Station04 January 2014
MatthewsDouglas V JATCO 2Aberdeen06 January 2014
OverfieldLeonardPTOGatwick06 January 2014
DelaneyAnneMessengerCentral Services, CAA House06 January 2014
TaylorAlan WHead of ATCScOATCC10 January 2014
HolmesRoyATCO 2LATCC10 January 2014
WalfordHenley JATE 1Stansted11 January 2014
AckersNancy BD Safety, CAA House11 January 2014
HarperWinifred KMessengerCAA House12 January 2014
ParrinWilliam RATE 1Bournemouth12 January 2014
GeorgeAudrey M PCOPrestwick13 January 2014
RushworthCyril FATCO 2LATCC15 January 2014
WebberMaurice AATSA 4Gatwick Airport16 January 2014
GrantKenneth RPPTO (A)A&C, Aviation House, Gatwick25 January 2014
JonesGwilymATCO 1LATCC25 January 2014
ErlClive E GATCO 1LATCC26 January 2014
WisemanAlbertATCO 2Manchester27 January 2014
GallierLeoATE 2Warlingham Radio Station29 January 2014
HuggettHarryMachine Hand ATEE Gatwick29 January 2014
GarrettIrene KBand 4.2Birmingham Airport30 January 2014
ClarkDoreen LCAPinner04 February 2014
HelmoreDerek EDeputy DirectorAviation House, Gatwick08 February 2014
SanterDavid GATCE 3LATCC12 February 2014
LowePatrick H GATCO 1LATCC13 February 2014
KingDouglas ICraftsmanTEE Gatwick14 February 2014
TaylorEdna PDP7CAA House19 February 2014
CromptonJohn WATCO 2CAA House19 February 2014
CruxEdith VATSA 2CAA House21 February 2014
ChristopherHannah MBand 3CAA House23 February 2014
MortonMichaelATE 1ATMDC, Bournemouth25 February 2014
NichollsStanley AATCA 1Prestwick Airport02 March 2014
JudsonJohn DPTO 1/7Redhill02 March 2014
GillJames RATCO 1Birmingham Airport09 March 2014
DayMuriel LCleanerCTe Bletchley Park10 March 2014
IrvineJamesGeneral HandBelfast Airport13 March 2014
JoyesDonald SATE 2Gatwick Airport13 March 2014
McSkimmingJohnATE 1Manchester Airport14 March 2014
BellReginaldATE 1CTE Bletchley22 March 2014
BerryPeterATCO 1Prestwick23 March 2014
HigginsMaureen VTelephonistManchester Airport27 March 2014
WildeyFlorence LAOHeathrow Airport28 March 2014
SaundersChristopher WBoard Member28 March 2014
RosieJames GATSA 2Edinburgh Airport02 April 2014
BarnesJoshuaATE 1Prestwick03 April 2014
GibsonJohn RTA 2 StoremanPailton04 April 2014
KilfordReginald ACraftsmanGatwick Airport07 April 2014
BerryJeanne LAAAviation House, Gatwick08 April 2014
HallDenis MD/D Grade CSpace House09 April 2014
HartWilliam ROO 1Aviation House11 April 2014
HannaBill (William) WSMG 1CAA House11 April 2014
FoxIvy JGov. TeleBirmingham Airport12 April 2014
HintonEric ESTPOHeathrow13 April 2014
ConnorRolandATE 1Manchester Airport18 April 2014
LaneKennethBand 3 DriverCardiff Airport24 April 2014
WoodbridgeVictor FATE 1Heathrow Airport27 April 2014
MooreMargaret EBand 4Cheltenham28 April 2014
McQuakerRoland GATCO 2Stansted Airport30 April 2014
FlookJohnAte 1Manchester Airport03 May 2014
BroadClifford DATCO 1LATCC08 May 2014
WadeJohn MBand 12.3CAA House09 May 2014
BurkeDonal WATE 1LATCC09 May 2014
MurrayJean AATSA 2ScOATCC12 May 2014
ClarkNeil RMT EngineerInverness16 May 2014
SmithMarian EEOCAA House22 May 2014
HoltonRonald NATCO 1Edinburgh Airport27 May 2014
GowansMasieSTPOScOATCC28 May 2014
HallMargaretPart Time CleanerBarton Hall29 May 2014
DunnCharles MSTPOBelfast Airport30 May 2014
WinterJohn HElectrical FitterTEE Gatwick04 June 2014
HallRonald CATCO 2LATCC04 June 2014
RyanAnnePABX TelephonistLATCC08 June 2014
LesleyRonald AATCO 2Cardiff Airport09 June 2014
SutcliffeJohn Stanley'B' Director AccountsShell Mex House12 June 2014
SimmonsPhilip LATCO 1LATCC12 June 2014
MooreJohn GATCO 1Bournemouth13 June 2014
BonnickMary A MEOCAA House15 June 2014
BickerPeterTA 3 DriverPrestwick Airport16 June 2014
JonesEvan JATCO 2Cardiff Airport17 June 2014
ShawJohn LATCO 2ScOATCC17 June 2014
BurwoodElsie FAOERG Licensing, CAA House22 June 2014
BloodworthJohn MATCO 2LATCC26 June 2014
HartOwen BATCO 2LATCC30 June 2014
ClarkeDonaldSATECAA House02 July 2014
RodgersMichaelATCE 3SDMU Barnsford03 July 2014
MacphersonIan PFiremanBenbecula03 July 2014
RingDavid RSATECAA House04 July 2014
GilmerTerence AATCO 2Bournemouth04 July 2014
HamerBarrieEngineeringLATCC06 July 2014
BurkeJohn EATCO 2Hurn08 July 2014
PinnerCarolyn EAudio TypistAviation House, Kingsway14 July 2014
DavisMaureen HBand 3.1Stroud16 July 2014
CurtisEleanor LOO 2Aviation House21 July 2014
BrysonBarbara DATSA 2ScOATCC31 July 2014
McIntyreJohn WSMG 1CAA House, London31 July 2014
LeggWilliam JATE 1LATCC05 August 2014
DimondKeith BATSA 2Stansted Airport06 August 2014
ThomasGeoffrey W FATCO 2ScOATCC07 August 2014
WilsonLawrence RSTPO CRedhill07 August 2014
CaylessBrian LPTOLATCC07 August 2014
HarfordPatricia HCOBournemouth Airport09 August 2014
BlythDerekSATCOLATCC09 August 2014
WingroveVictor GATE 1Burrington LRRS09 August 2014
SmithDenis SATCE 3Heathrow14 August 2014
PendergastBetty ISenior Personal SecretaryCAA House15 August 2014
KempRonald CC-Manager, Personnal ServicesAviation House22 August 2014
RedversHaslamATCO 2LATCC26 August 2014
BurgessFrancis JSTPOLiverpool Airport27 August 2014
BeaverMichael JSTPOLATCC28 August 2014
JeffriesMichael J JSRG Level 3Aviation House, Gatwick29 August 2014
CozensGerard A WOO2Aviation House, Gatwick30 August 2014
DawesIanATE 2Prestwick Airport30 August 2014
UttridgeHugh GFOIGatwick01 September 2014
MartinCatherineBand 3Hillingdon House01 September 2014
TurnerWilliam RCACO 3Pailton RMS02 September 2014
BradleyDonald G HBand 2.2Gatwick07 September 2014
EddlestonLeonard MATE 2Ash LRRS09 September 2014
EdwardsAlan JPATECAA House14 September 2014
KentEvelyn MSpecialist TypistRedhill14 September 2014
StaveleyRuth MTelephonistCheltenham18 September 2014
GarrattBrian SA/ATSA 4CACC Heathrow21 September 2014
HathawayVictor NPTOTEE Gatwick24 September 2014
CreaseEric THEOPinner28 September 2014
MackayHelen MP/T CleanerWick Aerodrome02 October 2014
AshmoreAlan SSMG 1Design & Manufacturing, Aviation House Gatwick02 October 2014
CummingsJohnATCO 2LATCC04 October 2014
WoodRonale DATE 2Heathrow05 October 2014
WilcocksonGerald FPATETels N.I HQ07 October 2014
JohnsonDouglas WPSAviation House, London17 October 2014
FowlerMuriel DTypistSurvey Office, Manchester20 October 2014
McConnellIain JATCO 2Port Ellen Aerodrome22 October 2014
CardAlfred MATCO 2Prestwick23 October 2014
BoydRonald ATA 3Inverness Airport23 October 2014
O’SullivanSheumasATCA 1LATCC24 October 2014
YoungDerek RATE 1Heathrow Airport01 November 2014
JohnstonRobin DJMG6ATCEU Bournemouth01 November 2014
AirleyBessie ETelephonistHeathrow Airport04 November 2014
StevensPeter JATE 2Gatwick06 November 2014
JonesFrancis LCACO 3Tels, Heathrow11 November 2014
BallingerJocelynP/T TelephonistCheltenham12 November 2014
MacgregorUna MTA IVInverness Airport16 November 2014
MitchellWilliamATSAScOACC17 November 2014
HornerEdithSTPOTels, Heathrow17 November 2014
IrwinIan R MATCO 2LATCC21 November 2014
BaileyPhilip WATE 1ATCEU24 November 2014
BaxterJames GATCO 1DAT & S (ATMDC)24 November 2014
BurrPeter SATE 2TEE Gatwick25 November 2014
WrightCliffordSATE OGC 30Hillingdon House25 November 2014
RandallPeterATCO 2LATCC28 November 2014
SymesDavid ACOCAA House28 November 2014
NunnIrene MChief Supervisor TelephonistsGatwick Airport30 November 2014
OwenRobert CSupt STPOLATCC02 December 2014
GregoryJanet R BTelephonist SupervisorPrestwick Airport07 December 2014
ChappelKennethBand 9.4FCU Stanstead13 December 2014
MercerJohn EChief Superintendent STPOHeathrow Airport13 December 2014
LoosemoreJohnATE 1TEE Gatwick17 December 2014
TuppenyPamela ETelephonistBirmingham Airport18 December 2014
SmithKathleenData ProcessorAviation House22 December 2014
MackayNoel AATSA 2Glasgow Airport23 December 2014
MooneyLeonard WC (DDirector, Ops)Mersey House, Liverpool27 December 2014
HobbsAnn C DSTAR 3CTC28 December 2014
KidneyRichardPTMGGatwick28 December 2014
GriffinMinniePaper KeeperCAA House30 December 2014
McClureAnnie MCOCAA House30 December 2014
HodkinsonWilliam EPATECAA House30 December 2014
WigmoreBruce TPTMGChief Executive’s Office, CAA House31 December 2014

SurnameInlsGradeLast LocationDate 2015
BernardGSenior CraftsmanATCEU, Bournemouth (Hurn) Airport03 January 2015
CraigieCathleen FCOAviation House, Edinburgh05 January 2015
BarrowDoreen PatriciaCALiverpool Airport08 January 2015
LiddardGwynethGrade 909 January 2015
SchaferHedley RATCO 2CATC, Bournemouth09 January 2015
MackellarAlexander CC-Tels RadarCAA House12 January 2015
SpriggsThomas FC-Deputy DirectorOSO, Aviation House13 January 2015
ThomasMichael SOO 2Aviation House Gatwick15 January 2015
MackinnonAlan NATCA 2Inverness Airport19 January 2015
BerryJames EPPTOMalaysia (KL)20 January 2015
ThompsonAlbert MC-Head of StatisticsCAA House22 January 2015
TambyrajahChristopher TSTPOLATCC23 January 2015
SmithDouglas WCOCheltenham28 January 2015
McCloyRodneyBand 8.2CAA House, London29 January 2015
SimpsonStewart MPATEEdinburgh01 February 2015
FoxEric WCACO 3Heathrow08 February 2015
MansonPeter GATCO 1LATCC08 February 2015
ChambersGeorge LATCO 1Bournemouth12 February 2015
CooperKenneth GSATELATCC12 February 2015
BishopNora ICOWest Drayton16 February 2015
MartinPhilip JATCO 1Hurn Airport26 February 2015
MenelawsAndrewinaBand 3Edinburgh Airport26 February 2015
LoftMurial JEOCAA House01 March 2015
LordFrankSMG2Powerplant Office, Derby06 March 2015
Beaufont-BishopDouglas JATCO 2ATCEU, Hurn12 March 2015
SaundersonWilliam JSATEBirdlip Radio Station12 March 2015
FlemingMatilda MTelephonistBelfast Airport17 March 2015
RobinsonPeter BSTPO SuptHeathrow Airport18 March 2015
McCarthyJames JATE 2LATCC20 March 2015
FeaseyJean A CSTPOGlasgow Airport21 March 2015
HughesDavid ASMG 2Stansted Airport21 March 2015
WeaverDerek JATE 1CAA House28 March 2015
PhippsPamela MTels WSHeathrow Airport30 March 2015
CollardTerence MATE 1CAA House01 April 2015
GladwellJohn C RATE 1B Watch, Heathrow Airport01 April 2015
MorrisAndrewSATEBirmingham Airport01 April 2015
NewmanJoanTelephonistManchester Airport01 April 2015
McCourtneyWilliamina HTelephonistScATCC02 April 2015
CargillAlexander GATCA 2Atlantic House, Prestwick03 April 2015
BrankinDesmond JJMG 1CAA House04 April 2015
PowellMarie ACOCAA House13 April 2015
MaherWilliam (Liam)P (ATC) 1CAA House16 April 2015
JamesRichard HPATECAA House20 April 2015
MacfadyenNonnieTiree20 April 2015
FlynnPatrick SATCOLATCC23 April 2015
FanningAdinaClerical AssistantCAA House24 April 2015
ForsythChristopherATSA 2Belfast Airport25 April 2015
HowardShirley MEOP&PS, Cheltenham29 April 2015
CrawfordRobert GBoard MemberCAA House02 May 2015
McDowallHugh LSenior FE/FOIStansted Airport02 May 2015
GrahamChristopher BSATESteers House, Liverpool04 May 2015
ThomasDanSFO(T)1F Ops 6, Stansted04 May 2015
HutchingsWendy EClerical AssistantHurn Airport06 May 2015
MacpheeDonaldSection LeaderBenbecula Airport06 May 2015
DalyHarold JATCO 2Atlantic House, Prestwick08 May 2015
GreeneRonald VMT DriverGatwick Airport08 May 2015
CornerCharles WBand 3 Stock ControllerCAA House09 May 2015
FullerDonald NATE 1R & DP, CAA House09 May 2015
MatthewsEricDDHeston09 May 2015
MurphyWinifred ARegistry AssistantLATCC09 May 2015
DorsettAlanTelephonist SuervisorLATCC12 May 2015
PashleyGordonATCO 2Hillingdon House21 May 2015
CorpColin TATCA 2LATCC22 May 2015
BadhamDeborah ATGR1Gatwick29 May 2015
MorrisonNora JSTPOScATCC29 May 2015
PollardStephen JMT DriverGatwick Airport03 June 2015
YorkRodney JATSA 3Heathrow04 June 2015
GillespieWilliamTTO 2LATCC07 June 2015
DowningPeterATCO 2CAA House13 June 2015
McBeathJessie MPart-Time CleanerWick Airport13 June 2015
SawyerAndria CClerical OfficerStansted House15 June 2015
WilesCharles WOO 1Ministry of Overseas Development, Mauritius19 June 2015
HoltFrederickATCO 1LATCC20 June 2015
NiewiarowskaJozefaDOACAA House20 June 2015
DarrahEric GCACO 3LATCC21 June 2015
WarrenReginald KBand 12.1East Midlands Regional Office21 June 2015
JohnsonAlan EBand 10.1ATMDC, Bournemouth26 June 2015
ReevesDavid Ct ATCO 2Belfast27 June 2015
HamiltonJohn BATCO 2LATCC29 June 2015
BouetteBernard AHEOPinner30 June 2015
KempMichaelBand 12.1Aviation House, Gatwick02 July 2015
BlackledgeGrahamATE 1Manchester Airport05 July 2015
WilliamsLeonard LATSA 3Manchester07 July 2015
SainsburyRoger BBand 11.2Heathrow Regional Office, Sipson House17 July 2015
EdwardsBrianPTO 1Redhill18 July 2015
AndersonColin S MStaff PilotCATC, Hurn Airport19 July 2015
GizzardEileen MEOCATC, Hurn Airport19 July 2015
HylandJohnLATCCAviation House, Kingsway21 July 2015
BlanchMarilyn FATSA 4ATMDC23 July 2015
BallGordon CEOManchester Airport24 July 2015
MetcalfeChristopherBand 12.3CAA House24 July 2015
HowesGeorge HPrincipalAviation House, Kingsway29 July 2015
Ogden-SmithPeter J BATCO 2Glasgow Airport29 July 2015
MurdochWilliam RATCO 2ScoATCC, Prestwick30 July 2015
MeekFerguson HCraftsmanLATCC02 August 2015
McKeeCecil TSATEHeathrow Airport04 August 2015
ParkerEileen ECleanerBletchley04 August 2015
HeffordPeter GGrade C P & E CommsCAA House08 August 2015
HefferHarry MATCO 2CAA House19 August 2015
JonesStanley MOO1Aviation House19 August 2015
UptonChristina REOCAA House20 August 2015
WalkerHarry G ABand 10Gatwick20 August 2015
PetersMartinJMG 5Office Services, CAA House23 August 2015
GilbodyColin JATSA 4Manchester Airport25 August 2015
CourtPaul RATSA 3CTE26 August 2015
KirtonHenryBand 3Gatwick Airport27 August 2015
EllisValerie MTypist B4.1Gatwick06 September 2015
PrenticeAllanATE 1Bournemouth07 September 2015
FergusonHannahTelephonistPreston Signals Centre10 September 2015
TaylorDerekATE 1LATCC10 September 2015
Holbeche-EyreRuth JMSG 5AMDC11 September 2015
WilliamsWilliamBand 10.2 Radio TechnicianLATCC13 September 2015
AllenDennis MBand 4CAA House14 September 2015
SnellingPeter SPATECAA House14 September 2015
LavelleLeonard AATCO 2LATCC18 September 2015
CookJack DPrincipal FE/FOI (B1)Aviation House21 September 2015
VaughanEdwardJMG 8ESC Gatwick24 September 2015
PritchardWilliam FPPTOLuton Airport27 September 2015
PeggPeter REOSRG, Stansted Airport30 September 2015
RoweVera CATCA 2ScATCC30 September 2015
CollierStuartATCO 1 LCELATCC01 October 2015
JobBernardSATCO, Head of Flying (ATC)St Giles Court10 October 2015
McKinnonRonald DSTPO SupervisorHeathrow17 October 2015
NirmanRaj SBand 7.2CAA House17 October 2015
HarrisonNormanATCA 2Manchester Airport18 October 2015
MarkwellEricFlight Examiner 2Stansted Airport20 October 2015
MooreChristopher WATCE 5Gatwick20 October 2015
SissonsAnn DShorthand/TypistCheltenham20 October 2015
FlynnMargaret MBand 3SAMU, Heston22 October 2015
HarveyAlfredSenior CraftsmanGatwick22 October 2015
BullErnest HATE 2Clee Hill LRRS26 October 2015
WoolgarChristopher JATCO 2Stansted Airport28 October 2015
StaidePatrick JATCE 6LATCC29 October 2015
RansomeMichael JInvestigations OfficerCAA House30 October 2015
FernihoughEthel PATCA 1Manchester Airport01 November 2015
ShirleyArthur RPrincipalHR Services, CAA House02 November 2015
MextedWilliam I CBand 11.2Luton Airport05 November 2015
PrinterKersee DATE 2LATCC10 November 2015
JeffersonGeorge MSMGCTC, Whitely13 November 2015
RobertsonDerek WATE 2Manchester Airport15 November 2015
Car (Davies)Lorna MTelephonistHeathrow Airport16 November 2015
MarshallAlexander CATE 1Heathrow17 November 2015
BennettMichael JATCOSwanwick Centre18 November 2015
MoylettePatrick MBand 10.3Teeside Airport23 November 2015
LeeFrederick SSenior CraftsmanGatwick25 November 2015
BarnesJohn SATCO 1Manchester Airport01 December 2015
HarrisonWilliamBand 12Manchester Airport02 December 2015
OsmanSylvia J BEOCheltenham04 December 2015
HamerRichard BAOLATCC06 December 2015
CurryJohnATCO 2LATCC08 December 2015
PearsonTerenceATSA 2Stansted Airport08 December 2015
PearsonTerenceATSA 2Stansted Airport08 December 2015
LewisBernardPrincipalAviation House09 December 2015
KayDannySTPOManchester Airport13 December 2015
CurtisBrian JATE 2Heathrow Airport16 December 2015
MathersDolina RSTPOPrestwick17 December 2015
AshJohn FATE 1Bletchley25 December 2015
VarleyRowland M GGrade CFiji27 December 2015
McAdamCampbell MATCO 2Glasgow Airport28 December 2015
EndersbyJanet ETraining Admin OfficerLATCC29 December 2015
PettigrewRobert YT/SATEAviation House, Edinburgh31 December 2015

SurnameInlsGradeLast LocationDate 2016
TongeFrankSATECAA House1 January 2016
McWigganThomas JDG TelecommunicationsCAA House02 January 2016
PavittAlbert EATCO 1Prestwick Airport04 January 2016
SehgalDes RBand 4Heathrow Airport05 January 2016
ConnellBarbara AATSA 2CAA House07 January 2016
McLellanNeil DSRG Level 6Flight Ops, Aviation House12 January 2016
RustHerbert S JPPTOA/C Systems at Redhill12 January 2016
SilcockJohn ECACO 2LATCC12 January 2016
GurrGeoffrey BGrade BCommander CAFU16 January 2016
FosterJoan BTelephonistLATCC18 January 2016
EvansMargaretBand 4LATCC19 January 2016
EvansMargaretBand 4LATCC19 January 2016
MurdockElizabeth MATSA 3ScOACC21 January 2016
SkudderDoreen EGrade AAAviation House, Gatwick22 January 2016
BaileyBrian WPPTO(A)CAA House23 January 2016
CurrieThomas HCACO 3ScATCC Prestwick26 January 2016
HarperPeter JTest PilotAviation House Gatwick29 January 2016
LeemingFrankATCO 1LATCC31 January 2016
HughesBernard JD/D, CATO (2)Hillingdon House04 February 2016
ToddJohn SAOAviation House, Edinburgh09 February 2016
HayesWilliam FATE 1Heathrow Airport19 February 2016
PoulterGeorge JATE 1Tels N20 February 2016
PurnellDavid LATCO 1LATCC20 February 2016
HillierJoan EClerical AssistantHeston24 February 2016
NoverrazJean MTelephonistGatwick25 February 2016
GibsonAndrew HTA 3 DriverLowther Hill LRRS26 February 2016
BlythJohn LATSA 2Edinburgh Airport02 March 2016
KnightGeorge TATCO 2LATCC02 March 2016
IstedGraham BATSA 4Gatwick Airport06 March 2016
LinzeyPeter RSATETels Barnsford06 March 2016
MiddletonDavidA/SATEPrestwick07 March 2016
PenfoldJack AATE 1CAA House14 March 2016
LindsayJohn SATCO 1Manchester Airport17 March 2016
JelleyDenis JTA 2Gatwick Airport18 March 2016
HuntPenelope JMSC 6Swanwick19 March 2016
StevensJohnATSA 1Edinburgh21 March 2016
WattJeannie A TPBX OperatorAberdeen21 March 2016
FaullJune RPhotoprinter 2CAA House22 March 2016
BrownColin GSTPOLATCC23 March 2016
FeastPeter B PATSA 2Stansted Airport24 March 2016
EmeryDavidATE 1LATCC26 March 2016
HanleyEric TOO1 Head of Ops AdminCAA House26 March 2016
StrongmanEdwardPTMGGatwick26 March 2016
HockingThomas TATCO 2Bournemouth27 March 2016
ChildsArthur FSATELATCC02 April 2016
CookMuriel OTelephonistStansted Airport06 April 2016
BenthamRalphATE 2St Annes LRRS08 April 2016
HillMargaret MCACAA House8 April 2016
MarchantAlbert CDD TelsCAA House11 April 2016
BraceyAlec S FEOAviation House, London13 April 2016
JamesChristopher GATSA 4Bournemouth15 April 2016
KahnMaria LATSA 2LATCC15 April 2016
WinstoneHarry EATo 2RAE, Larkhill18 April 2016
SpearingJohn GATSA 2Boscombe Down25 April 2016
PittRonald AATE 2ATCEU, Bournemouth02 May 2016
McQuaidWinifredEOHillingdon House, Uxbridge06 May 2016
KnightMaurice GATE 2SAMU07 May 2016
KearlNormanATCO 1LATCC09 May 2016
WatkinHarry RATE 2ScOACCC15 May 2016
BlackettKennethATE 1ScATCC20 May 2016
HoareGladys HAACAA House20 May 2016
BargmanBetty RSupv TelephonistLATCC21 May 2016
MathiesonRobertSSL (TA IV)Prestwick25 May 2016
MaleNormal R (Dick)Band 12.3CAA House29 May 2016
McCowieJanetteATSA 2ScOATCC31 May 2016
HillierFrederick WHEOLATCC02 June 2016
RichardsLindsay ETelephonistHurn6 June 2016
MartinChristine TBand 2Gatwick7 June 2016
BerfieldPearlSTPOLATCC7 June 2016
KlempererThomas GJMG 2CAA House9 June 2016
CookMichael RATE 1LATCC10 June 2016
MacGregorAlan GD Quality ControlAirworthiness Division11 June 2016
ChisholmJean MJMG 5LATCC16 June 2016
RobertshawJune MATSA 2Manchester Airport3 July 2016
NandiBimal CPTO 3CAA House7 July 2016
BearchellRobert JATCE 5LATCC12 July 2016
MacauleyNeil JATSA 4LATCC17 July 2016
HamiltonMarion STelephonistEdinburgh Airport19 July 2016
SimsRichard E FATE 2Gatwick Airport21 July 2016
DownsAlan WATSA 4Gatwick Airport25 July 2016
BirdAnthonySATEStansted27 July 2016
SheaPaulATSA 3LATCC2 August 2016
HallinRaymond JHEOCAA House7 August 2016
LeonardiMarie J BHEOWellington Street8 August 2016
MilliganRobert AJMG 2Aviation House, Gatwick10 August 2016
PreedyKeith BBand 12Gatwick15 August 2016
BishopJean KBand 5.1LATCC18 August 2016
GrundeyDoreenTelephonistManchester18 August 2016
RobertsJohn ASMG 2Aviation House, Gatwick19 August 2016
FlackMichael JJMG 5CESG CAA House24 August 2016
HallErnest PGrade C (DD Tels)Space House28 August 2016
ChaterAdrian WATCO 1Manchester Airport31 August 2016
RaingerVivien DAOAviation House14 September 2016
BalfourJames KATE 2 NAMU, Runcorn18 September 2016
DavidAsher SATE 2Manchester Airport23 September 2016
JonesALanATCO 1LATCC26 September 2016
RumblesPeter FATSA 2Heathrow28 September 2016
BirtlesJuneSTPOManchester Airport28 September 2016
FinchPeter DATSA 4CTC Whiteley29 September 2016
BoydWilliamATE 2Glasgow Airport6 October 2016
ParryIvor LATE 2Runcorn8 October 2016
BlackerCharles DATCO 2Atlantic House, Prestwick9 October 2016
MorrisJames HJMG 6CAA House16 October 2016
RobsonDavid CDP 8CAA House, London18 October 2016
McIntoshJohnSMG 2D CS CAA House26 October 2016
HollingtonHenry JATE 2Great Dun Fell Radio Station27 October 2016
KingRobert A SATCO 1LATCC31 October 2016
MillichopeEllen M AMessenger, Office ServicesCAA House31 October 2016
TuckerRoger GTax managerEdinburgh31 October 2016
NewmanAngela EATCA 1LATCC2 November 2016
RootsJoyce MSTPOAIS Pinner5 November 2016
GreenoughJean BPhotoprinter 2LATCC7 November 2016
FosterReginald A WATCO 2Manchester Airport10 November 2016
KingRichard P JFEBournemouth10 November 2016
WhitingHarold DATCO 2LATCC14 November 2016
CormieJohn A DPTM 1Aviation House, Edinburgh15 November 2016
ChalkJohn DBand 12.3CAA House17 November 2016
MorganJohnATE 2Aberdeen20 November 2016
MorganJohnATE 2Aberdeen22 November 2016
Russell-SmithFrances PATCO 2Hurn24 November 2016
ClaxtonGeoffrey DSRG Level 8Aviation House, Gatwick26 November 2016
EdwardsJanet MAccounts ClerkCAA House26 November 2016
StocksKenneth EDriverAberdeen Airport1 December 2016
RosamFrank AATE 1CAA House2 December 2016
MitchellWilliam CTA3MSD, Aston Down2 December 2016
MitchellWilliam CTA 3MSD, Aston Down2 December 2016
ScobbieDonald MPTMGBahamas Regional Office4 December 2016
ChristianMichael CSTPOManchester Airport7 December 2016
ReillyMargaret CATSA 4ScOATCC7 December 2016
SawkinsReginald ASenior Admin OfficerTEE Gatwick7 December 2016
GoodmanStephen JATCOScOACC13 December 2016
SylvesterJohn APPTOAviation House, Gatwick18 December 2016
ClarkPeter CJMG 2CAA House18 December 2016
HutchinsonAndy MPCGCTC Southampton21 December 2016
SutcliffeJohn KATCO 1CAA House23 December 2016
McCollWilliam BATCO 1LATCC24 December 2016
BeestonAgnes MClerical Assistant 3ATCEU, Hurn24 December 2016
GreenwoodBeryl DTypistDoncaster27 December 2016
HawtreyJoanCACAA House28 December 2016
GarnerIrene JTelephonistControl Tower, Heathrow28 December 2016
BlanchardPeterATSA 4Gatwick Airport31 December 2016

SurnameInlsGradeLast LocationDate 2017
MeekJohn DATCO 1LATCC01 January 2017
SamesDavid WPTMGAviation House, Gatwick01 January 2017
StauntonKevin WATCO 2Heathrow03 January 2017
StapletonWilliamDFSOF S T S, Stansted Airport04 January 2017
SandersonMargaret JSenior MessengerCAA House05 January 2017
GreenLawrenceATE 2Manchester Airport09 January 2017
WilsonRonald RTA 3Lowther Hill09 January 2017
BealWalter ABIO 3Aviation House, Gatwick15 January 2017
SherlockEric CSTPOHeathrow Airport18 January 2017
WilsonDoris BJM8 RRHillingdon House25 January 2017
DevlinElizabeth SBand 2Atlantic House, Prestwick26 January 2017
HobbsRoy HClerical OfficerBrabazon House, Redhill26 January 2017
RogersGeoffreyATE 1Bletchley Park29 January 2017
CowleyArthurSTPOScOATCC31 January 2017
KellyEvelyn M CClerical OfficerAviation House03 February 2017
AndersonWilliam A FPATEScottish Field Services04 February 2017
BootyDoris ETelephonistCTB, Heathrow04 February 2017
TaylorJames MPTO 1/7Heathrow04 February 2017
ScarboroughRichard NATSA 4LATCC05 February 2017
Lister (Capt.)Robert ASMG 1Hd, OSD, Aviation House, Gatwick07 February 2017
DarkePhilip JATCE 5LATCC08 February 2017
HarrisonRonald MATSA 4ScOACC, Atlantic House09 February 2017
JarvisNormanATCA 2College of ATC, Hurn09 February 2017
TickleBATSA 2Manchester Airport09 February 2017
Scott-MartinDavidATCO 2ScOATCC13 February 2017
MackBrian BJMG 3CAA House, London14 February 2017
Hall-WillisAnthony NATCO 2LATCC16 February 2017
JefferyBrian USATECAA House16 February 2017
HockleyMichael JATSA 3LAC, Swanwick19 February 2017
JacksonOlwenTypistBletchley21 February 2017
BeckwithRonald WATE 2TEE Gatwick22 February 2017
HayterTony R HATSA 3Manchester Airport22 February 2017
LaddMauriceATCO 1Bournemouth Airport24 February 2017
AndrewsMargare J FSTPOLATCC25 February 2017
TaylorEileen MTypistAviation House, London28 February 2017
MoretonDerek EPCGCTC02 March 2017
ReedIreneTelephonistScOACC06 March 2017
GinnAlan WBand 12.1Aviation House, Gatwick07 March 2017
BerryPeter WATCO 2Atlantic House, Prestwick17 March 2017
LukeMarySenior MessengerCAA House18 March 2017
MurrayGrace KTelephonistScOACC24 March 2017
BennettReginaldATCO 2CAA House26 March 2017
WebsterRobertFiremanWick Airport26 March 2017
HockingThomas TATCO 2Bournemouth27 March 2017
JamesHarvey EATCE 5LATCC27 March 2017
UnderwoodAnthonyBand 3Southern Area Maintenance Unit, Heston27 March 2017
KenyonBernardATE 1Manchester Airport29 March 2017
JacksonJohn DATE 1Manchester Airport05 April 2017
RoyleLeslieATCO 2LATCC08 April 2017
DaviesEric GATE 1Gatwick Airport12 April 2017
EdmondsonEricATE 1Stansted Airport13 April 2017
GurryClinton PATCO 2LATCC13 April 2017
GilfallanJackATCE 4LATCC15 April 2017
SharmanSylvia JTA IVBletchley16 April 2017
BlairThomas AATE 1Belfast Airport18 April 2017
LucasAudreyPhotoprinter 1ESC Gatwick19 April 2017
BeechinorEric GATCO 2Hillingdon House, Uxbridge22 April 2017
BeechinorEric GATCO, JASUxbridge22 April 2017
StuartJames GATCO 2CAA House25 April 2017
WoodEdith RMessengerCAA House25 April 2017
PepallRaymond AC-Deputy DirectorCAA House28 April 2017
AshtonFrank APATECAA House05 May 2017
JenningsPaul AATCO 1LATCC07 May 2017
O’ConnellDesmond AATCO 1LATCC08 May 2017
BillinsEdward ATA1 Senior StoremanLATCC15 May 2017
EatonRalphATCO 2Birmingham16 May 2017
ChallisDavid ODeputy Head, Engineering LicensingAviation House, Gatwick18 May 2017
PriorAlanATE 2NAMU, Isle of Man19 May 2017
DobsonMichael HPTMGAviation House, Gatwick22 May 2017
JonesLawrence AATE 1CAA House25 May 2017
DurwardAlexander MATCO 1Gatwick Airport29 May 2017
MaudlinHughSupt STPOManchester Airport02 June 2017
BrownRobert LSATEAtlantic House, Prestwick03 June 2017
PayneMaryMessengerCAA House09 June 2017
BaxterPeter DPTO IVTEE, Gatwick17 June 2017
WyattRolfe ASE 5LATCC17 June 2017
DackJohn R WATCO 2CATC26 June 2017
SmithPhilip C WB5.1Aviation House, Gatwick27 June 2017
ChatterjeeSushil KBand 4.1 Pay UnitCAA House28 June 2017
CherryRonald D GATCO 2Manchester Airport28 June 2017
RogersonDavid LA WatchLATCC28 June 2017
MaciverIainATCE 3Sandwick29 June 2017
McGregorRobert RSRG Level 3Aviation House, Gatwick29 June 2017
BlottWilliamATCO 1CAA House01 July 2017
HuttonJohnATE 1LATCC06 July 2017
RichGeorge EPATEGatwick Airport07 July 2017
DuffellHorace RSMG 1Aviation House, Gatwick10 July 2017
MurrayAlisdair JATCO 1Swanwick14 July 2017
ButcherEric J BA/PATELATCC16 July 2017
AnthonyRosa LHEOAviation House, London21 July 2017
AshcroftEricATCManchester Airport21 July 2017
BraggEdward JATCO 1LATCC22 July 2017
BakerDennis EPATELATCC24 July 2017
BakerDennis EPATELATCC24 July 2017
MurphyTrevor D SATCO 2LATCC27 July 2017
BlakeleyDennis WSTPOAviation House, London01 August 2017
HoughtonPeter SAirfield OperationsInverness Airport02 August 2017
TempleDorothy LCOCAAFU, Stansted Airport02 August 2017
LuyaJohn HSMGLATCC04 August 2017
ScottJosephDriverLowther Hill LRRS06 August 2017
HayleyCecil AOO1Aviation House10 August 2017
SehgalRamesh KCOHeathrow Airport11 August 2017
WrightRobertStatisticianCAA House13 August 2017
LambieJuneATSA 2ScOACC, Prestwick15 August 2017
KaneRobert GATSA 2Belfast Airport16 August 2017
WarrenDenis VHead of Research & ManagementSRG16 August 2017
NixonWilliamBand 5 CraftsmanManchester18 August 2017
MatharuBhag SSenior CraftsmanControl Tower, Heathrow20 August 2017
EarpKenneth EATE 1Pailton21 August 2017
BushJulie AMSG 5Swanwick24 August 2017
BradshawRaymondSTPOCrown House, London28 August 2017
PearsonKenneth IDD (ATC)Heathrow Airport30 August 2017
YoungWilliam TGrade CCAA House01 September 2017
SwinburnFrankRadio TechnicianCroydon Airport07 September 2017
YoungRoger BATCO 1LATCC07 September 2017
WhiteAlan VSenior CraftsmanGatwick09 September 2017
YatesJohn AAOAviation House, Gatwick09 September 2017
ThomasJune ATelephonistBirmingham Airport10 September 2017
WynneLaurenceSATEPreswick Airport12 September 2017
TinmanBarbara HSupt STPOPrestwick13 September 2017
HiscockWilliam TATE 2Edinburgh Airport17 September 2017
GilesKathleen NSpecialist TypistRedhill19 September 2017
SchofieldDavid AATCO 2Manchester Airport24 September 2017
VarcoeMalcolm MS/CTSLATCC25 September 2017
KelsallPeter JBand 11.3Crown House27 September 2017
HollinsheadRobert PATSA 2AHeathrow Airport28 September 2017
AllenRonald GATE 1LATCC30 September 2017
ScottBrian WGeneral ManagerManchester Airport04 October 2017
WalkerRichard FATE 1LATCC04 October 2017
JohnsonJohn WATCO 2LATCC06 October 2017
CronshawRubyAOManchester Airport09 October 2017
MartinEric EATE 2LATCC10 October 2017
EarlAudrey MCOAirworthiness Division, Redhill14 October 2017
NewtonRobertCOStansted Airport14 October 2017
EmeneyFred DTA3 DriverPailton RMS18 October 2017
HallPeterATCO 2LATCC19 October 2017
RobertsonJohn DATSA 2Gatwick Airport22 October 2017
Bronte-HearnePatrick BATE 2Gatwick23 October 2017
ThompsonRobertTA3 DriverStansted Airport24 October 2017
GriffithsRichard D MATCA 4AIS, Heathrow28 October 2017
JeensIan W BPoint 31Heathow Airport30 October 2017
BarrettRichard CSATEClee Hills LRRS01 November 2017
JohnstoneRaymond AATCO 2LATCC02 November 2017
PetchAndrew MATCO 2Glasgow Airport13 November 2017
ReidJessie F MTA IV CleanerAtlantic House16 November 2017
CarlyonJohn ADriverEdinburgh Airport17 November 2017
ButlerTimothyMSG 6CAA House22 November 2017
AshJohn NDP 7Aviation House24 November 2017
HadleySheila DCOLATCC24 November 2017
AshDerek VSMG 2CAA House28 November 2017
EastonDavid RPPTOEast Midlands Airport28 November 2017
GriffithsWilliam GATCO 2LATCC03 December 2017
HandleyRaymond TBand 6CTE Bletchley03 December 2017
EvansEric JATE 1Steers House07 December 2017
WilsonSarah CP/T CleanerScoATCC07 December 2017
HellewellPaul MBand 3Aston Down08 December 2017
GunstoneGordon LGrade BRedhill09 December 2017
Goodman (nee West)Edith MHEOAviation House, Gatwick10 December 2017
MoodyDouglas HATCO 1LATCC17 December 2017
CondronBrendaBand 4Manchester Airport18 December 2017
EamesLeslie RBand 3.2Gatwick21 December 2017
RodgerDaniel GATE 1Aberdeen Airport23 December 2017
WoodDeardrie WBand 4Heathrow Regional Office24 December 2017
LewisWalter KATCO 1RSRE Malvern26 December 2017
DuncanLawrence F JATE 2Aberdeen Airport27 December 2017
CowanMatthewSTPOPrestwick31 December 2017
GrummittAlan MATCO 2Hurn Airport31 December 2017

SurnameInlsGradeLast LocationDate 2018
LockeGlanville AStoremanLATCC01 January 2018
TrowellWilliam RSRG Level 8Aviation House, Gatwick01 January 2018
SutherlandAlan JATCO 1Hillingdon House02 January 2018
ClaytonIvor WATE 1Bournemouth Airport04 January 2018
McLeodGeorge SATCO 1LATCC04 January 2018
PomeroyPeter JEngineerCTC04 January 2018
WilemanGeoffrey WGrade C - CTOLondon Airports06 January 2018
MitchellJohnPrincipalCAA House10 January 2018
CalderJames RPPTO / ARedhill12 January 2018
StokesElizabeth LSurvey Interviewer12 January 2018
GlenFrancis HATE 1Manchester Airport13 January 2018
HowellJohn AATCO 2LATCC15 January 2018
SlotnickStellaBand 3CAA House18 January 2018
BisbeyJackATCO 2RAE West Freugh19 January 2018
JorgensenMalcolm DAirworthiness SurveyorLuton Regional Office23 January 2018
CookMargaret JPart-time CleanerKirkwall Airport29 January 2018
MacmillanEmmie BSpec/TypistCAA House30 January 2018
PavordAndrew EBand 11.1light Ops, Aviation House, Gatwick09 February 2018
Hannan-PorterRoseline M SATCA 2Belfast Airport10 February 2018
AllinsonJohn BSMGAviation House, Gatwick12 February 2018
ClarkeRobert GATE 1Cardiff16 February 2018
TippingThomas JATE 1Manchester18 February 2018
LofthusCyril JATCO 3Aberdeen Airport21 February 2018
HendersonAlanATCE 6Spectrum House25 February 2018
BraggMichael WSATECAA House, London02 March 2018
McDuffKenneth DPTOGatwick Airport South02 March 2018
BedwellMargaret EPersonal SecretaryRedhill03 March 2018
McKeithJeanieSTPOGlasgow Airport03 March 2018
UpshallDerek JCraftsmanATMDC04 March 2018
FrostThomas KStoremanGatwick08 March 2018
PainGwendoline MPABX SupervisorGatwick Airport14 March 2018
GilliesWilliam DATCO 2Manchester Airport18 March 2018
Van DortEdmund ASATCOSt Giles Court, London20 March 2018
LeeWinifredCOManchester21 March 2018
LyonsWilliam JSection LeaderTiree Aerodrome22 March 2018
BageJune PBand 4CAA House26 March 2018
EdwardsRaymond GChief AccountantGatwick26 March 2018
WakelyTrefor CB5CTE, Bletchley26 March 2018
MavinAlan VSRG Level 3Aviation House, Gatwick28 March 2018
BorlandMary TPart-Time CleanerScoACC, Prestwick31 March 2018
WiggMaurice SATE 1Bournemouth Airport31 March 2018
SmalleyAndrew PATCO 2Atlantic House, Prestwick02 April 2018
LeppardPhyllis IEOCAA House05 April 2018
TateJohnCACO 3Prestwick08 April 2018
ThomsonBalfour KHPTOEdinburgh23 April 2018
AshdownJames HATE 1Stansted Airport25 April 2018
DaveyElsie MCOSDO Heston Aerodrome26 April 2018
PeallMaurice JATSA 4LATCC29 April 2018
DayNorman ATA 2TEE Garwick03 May 2018
PeggJoseph WSenior Personnel OfficerCAA House04 May 2018
FramptonJohn MATCO 1LATCC05 May 2018
CuthbertsonJohn TATCO 2Atlantic House, ScATCC06 May 2018
MarslandJohn GSMGCAA House06 May 2018
McDiarmidStuart JATE 1Space House09 May 2018
DuncanJuneAOEdinburgh10 May 2018
BushbyLeslie FATE 1TEE Gatwick14 May 2018
AshworthTrevor RSATECAA House, London16 May 2018
EmmottJoshua WATE 1Manchester Airport16 May 2018
EvendenPatricia MDrawing Office AssistantCTE Bletchley16 May 2018
SpringateCecil PATCO 2London City Airport20 May 2018
MillerDavid SB2SCOACC23 May 2018
BlowAlanATCO 2RAE Larkhill24 May 2018
KirszJane CATSA 3LATCC25 May 2018
NasmithMildred FSenior Information OfficerCAA House27 May 2018
SmithDavisATCO 2Heathrow31 May 2018
ClarkArnold AFOIGatwick04 June 2018
NichollsAnthony RATCO 2LATCC06 June 2018
HoddinottJackATE 2LATCC14 June 2018
LushKenneth J MATCO 1LATCC14 June 2018
CookeArthur JATSA 3LATCC15 June 2018
BroadmoreWilfred JATCO 1LATCC17 June 2018
DattuMehboob GATE 1Heathrow17 June 2018
SmartIain RATCO 2LATCC17 June 2018
HaineyIanATSA 3Prestwick19 June 2018
LeonardKeith AATCO 1LACC, Swanwick20 June 2018
ScarrottCynthia ACleanerCheltenham23 June 2018
GibbGeorgeJMG 8SAU, Aviation House25 June 2018
PepperNigel EATCEGatwick Airport04 July 2018
RattlidgePhillip R GATCO 2Prestwick06 July 2018
RankinJames DATCO 2Manchester Airport11 July 2018
McGregorWilliamHead ATCMOD Boscombe Down14 July 2018
BattyWilliamATE 1Warlingham Radio Station16 July 2018
ShawIrisAdmin OfficerCAA House18 July 2018
CooperMartyn GATCO, non-operationalCAA House19 July 2018
HorryKeith NATSA 3St Annes19 July 2018
TesterRonald WSATECAA House21 July 2018
BroomDorothy MMessengerPinner22 July 2018
GambleRobert MATE 2Barnsford22 July 2018
BallCatherine JATSA 2Aberdeen23 July 2018
PoplettStella MSupt of TypistsPinner23 July 2018
DeanCarmen JBand 4.3CAA House25 July 2018
YoungJames J lBand 3New Aberdour29 July 2018
FriendPeter GAFO 1Aviation House31 July 2018
GidmanJoseph HPATECAA Flying Unit31 July 2018
WildEdwin JATCO 2CAA House05 August 2018
RandallIrene RSenior MessengerAviation House07 August 2018
JonesAlma LATSA 2ATCDC, Bournemouth08 August 2018
RigbyNormanATCO 2Gatwick Airport09 August 2018
RotheryOlive MTelephonistGatwick Airport11 August 2018
DennisColin DATCO 1LATCC12 August 2018
ParkerChristopher RMSG 3Swanwick13 August 2018
CurtinPeter F MA/PATEGatwick Airport14 August 2018
DimentDonald GATCO 1Atlantic House, Prestwick17 August 2018
BroadbentArthurSenior CraftsmanManchester Airport22 August 2018
BrownMartin GATCO 1Gatwick22 August 2018
CatonGeoffreyUnknownUnknown23 August 2018
SlatfordJohnHead of Powerplant DepartmentBrabazon House, Redhill24 August 2018
TippingJune PTypistLATCC24 August 2018
EvansBarbara DBand 4Aviation House, Gatwick25 August 2018
WalterJohn PMSG 7Heathrow31 August 2018
GreenhoughAlan SBand 12.3CAA House01 September 2018
ShanksAlanATCO 2Prestwick02 September 2018
HodgkinsonAudrey MLoading OperatorCheltenham04 September 2018
HarcusSinclair JAirport ManagerSumburgh Airport06 September 2018
MacphersonUna WBand 4Barnsford, Scotland06 September 2018
ForshawParklands J CSFO1Aviation House09 September 2018
GrayWilliamATCO 3Glasgow Airport17 September 2018
MooreBrian T ESATCOLATCC17 September 2018
ProutRichard JDriverDavidstow Moor23 September 2018
ChalmersViolet RCOFlying Unit, Stansted26 September 2018
CochraneRichard DATE 2Gatwick Airport27 September 2018
CosgroveJohnBD3Kelsall Radio Station27 September 2018
PoffleyMichael FSMGCAA House28 September 2018
HyamColinHd FCL1Aviation House, Gatwick01 October 2018
BanniganEileenTelephonistGlasgow Airport03 October 2018
De ZoysaBeltran KATSA 3LATCC05 October 2018
CoomerBarryATCA 2Aberdeen Airport08 October 2018
HolmesStuart WBand 12.1Aviation House, Gatwick10 October 2018
ParkerRonaldATSA 2Manchester Airport + ACC19 October 2018
ChapmanDaniel JATCO 1Heathrow24 October 2018
SergeantDennis F HATCO 1LATCC26 October 2018
CannonEdward AJMG 8Aviation House, Edinburgh30 October 2018
MorrisRobertATE 2Winstone Radio Station30 October 2018
HumplemanEdward JSEOKnowles House, ARB, Redhill31 October 2018
KingsmanMary PClerical OfficerPinner03 November 2018
SissonsDonald WSFOIAviation House, Gatwick03 November 2018
GearingColleen AATSA 2Heathrow04 November 2018
SmithurstPhyllis EARB05 November 2018
HalmanIan WMSG 7Manchester Airport07 November 2018
JohnstonMargaret ECOKirkwall, Orkney14 November 2018
DowlingAnthony T GATCO 2LATCC17 November 2018
MarchantBrian AATCA 2Bournemouth Airport20 November 2018
WalshGeoffrey ESRG Level 3Aviation House, Gatwick22 November 2018
JonesJoyCOCAA House24 November 2018
SinclairPeter FFiremanKirkwall Airport24 November 2018
RossJohn ATA 3Inverness28 November 2018
CronkPeter RPTO 1/7Hong Kong29 November 2018
WatsonSusan AInternal AuditCAA House29 November 2018
Thompson GreenHelen CPhoto Printer 1Pinner30 November 2018
ShentonLilian RTelephonistCardiff Airport01 December 2018
BowerBeryl AATSA 2LATCC09 December 2018
GriffithsBrinley DATCO 3Aberporth15 December 2018
FrenchIan JATCO 1LATCC17 December 2018
TriggsJohn ICACO 3LATCC18 December 2018
PennyStephen WATE 1CAA House20 December 2018
TaylorRoger CSATECAA House26 December 2018
ChaudharyMajid AATE 2TEE Gatwick27 December 2018

SurnameInlsGradeLast LocationDate 2019
BrindleJames W (Jim)JMG2CAA House01 January 2019
PiperPauline PSupv TelephonistLATCC01 January 2019
MackenzieMunroFiremanStornoway Airport02 January 2019
O’DeaJohn CEngineeringBelfast Airport02 January 2019
HawkesAndrew RATSA 2Bedford03 January 2019
HawkesAndrew RATSA 2DRA, Bedford03 January 2019
SheridanJames JMSGSCAA House05 January 2019
CohnAlan FEOCTE Bletchley06 January 2019
CreeJosephine MATCACollege of ATC, Hurn07 January 2019
BissetHarriet WBand 2Aberdeen Airport09 January 2019
ClowJohn WATCO 2Glasgow09 January 2019
HockingsDavid JUnknownAviation House Gatwick09 January 2019
ThompsonThomasATE 2Belfast Airport15 January 2019
ColeGladys VTelephonistLATCC18 January 2019
LonglandPeter BSMG 2Luton Area Office24 January 2019
BryantMargaretCOCAA House25 January 2019
ThornleyGladysCOPinnerr27 January 2019
LockleyMartin W BATCO 1LATCC30 January 2019
RichardsonKenneth LSATELATCC30 January 2019
PickeringCyril DPrincipalAviation House01 February 2019
IbellKennethSMG 1Hillingdon House05 February 2019
ThompsonFrank PChief EconomistCAA House06 February 2019
WayFrank ASATCOLATCC06 February 2019
BrookeFrederick JATE 1Hillingdon House07 February 2019
WilemanRoger KATE 1Manchester Airport07 February 2019
CalvertMichael TATCE 4CTE08 February 2019
ClearyThomas PPatrolman Band 3CTE Bletchley08 February 2019
EadeAnthony (Tony) CATCE 4Aberdeen Airport08 February 2019
JamesKathleen SBand 3Home based10 February 2019
WasonElizabeth WBand 4.2Aviation House, Gatwick10 February 2019
WhaleNicholas DATCOATMDC10 February 2019
HoonjanSatpal SATSA 2LATCC20 February 2019
PayneColin JBand 3.2Gatwick Airport21 February 2019
ThorpePhilip FBd 8.1Aston Down, Stroud23 February 2019
ParkJohn FBand 11.1Bristol Area Office24 February 2019
AitchisonArchibald BATCO 1Atlantic House01 March 2019
MartinColin WPTOCAA House07 March 2019
MinnsMaureen M BBand 4CAA House07 March 2019
KennedyAlan TATCO 2CATC, Bournemouth12 March 2019
WoodmanMatthewSenior CraftsmanGatwick14 March 2019
ShadwickStirling HATE 2NAMU15 March 2019
NelsonHugh JATSA 2SCOATCC20 March 2019
MaitlandAllan LMSG 6Edinburgh Airport24 March 2019
WrightStuart G AATCO 2SCOATCC24 March 2019
BrownBernard GATCO 1LATCC25 March 2019
CookeJeremy JATCOBirmingham26 March 2019
MandryRita VBand 3CAA House27 March 2019
AshfordBetty CCOGatwick29 March 2019
AshleyNigel JSenior Flight ExaminerCranfield29 March 2019
KnightRita MBand 3.1Aviation House, Gatwick08 April 2019
BiggsLeonard TATCO 2Boscombe Down14 April 2019
StevensGrahamATCO 1LATCC19 April 2019
GoodwinWilliam TTA III DriverEdinburgh Airport20 April 2019
SharpJamesLeading FiremanDalcross Aerodrome, Inverness23 April 2019
CoverdaleJosephSTPOManchester Airport24 April 2019
BeachillRoyATE 1CleeHill27 April 2019
ZaiRazi U KATCO 1>Heathrow Airport06 May 2019
WarnerIris PBand 3Heathrow Airport19 May 2019
HunterPaulATSA 2CTC21 May 2019
CairnsGeorge EATCO 2Hillingdon House23 May 2019
LambIan MJMG 7CAA House26 May 2019
JacksonPhilip DATCO 2Edinburgh Airport27 May 2019
WatsonWendy VFlight OpsAviation House28 May 2019
CrottyPeter TATE 2LATCC02 June 2019
LindsayJohn GBand 9.1 ATEAtlantic House, Prestwick02 June 2019
EndleyAnthony HPPTO (A)Airworthiness Division, Redhill03 June 2019
Hardy-GillingsMavis AATCO 2Bournemouth Airport10 June 2019
RoughtonNigelATSA 1Farnborough12 June 2019
RoughtonNigelATSA 1Farnborough12 June 2019
AveryDonald GGrade 3CAA House13 June 2019
RobertsonPatricia GJMG 7Aviation House15 June 2019
TownsendHazel FPersonal SecretaryBournemouth (Hurn) Airport20 June 2019
SturrockJeanATSA 4Heathrow Airport26 June 2019
SturrockJeanATSA 4Heathrow Airport26 June 2019
ChurlyMartin CBand 12.3SRG Survey, Aviation House, Gatwick03 July 2019
BayleyMajorie E MTelephonistAviation House09 July 2019
DaniaSikiru OUnknownUnknown09 July 2019
FennellRosemary SSPCHillingdon House11 July 2019
FennellRosemary SSPCHillingdon House11 July 2019
ElmsRoy EATSA 3LATCC13 July 2019
MayRevd. Alan CATCA 1LATCC17 July 2019
MayAlan C (Revd.)ATCA 1LATCC17 July 2019
MiramsDavid LManager Operations and TrainingGatwick Airport19 July 2019
PringAllan RATCO 2Sumburgh21 July 2019
StephensClifford VC-Senior Personnel Manager (ATC)CAA House25 July 2019
ParkSydney GATSA 2Aberdeen Airport27 July 2019
BayleyMajorie E MTelephonistAviation House29 July 2019
FarrMichael AATE 2ATCEU (Hurn), Bournemouth29 July 2019
DuckJohn HATCO 2CAA House30 July 2019
TaylorEric JATCO 1LATCC03 August 2019
MooreLeon PATE 2TEE Gatwick04 August 2019
PuttockJohn W HAOCAA House09 August 2019
KilburnBeryl JATSA 4LATCC13 August 2019
FriendBrian LFOIAviation House, Gatwick14 August 2019
GormanDesmond HJMG 8CAA House16 August 2019
DoveyEdward AATE 1Stansted18 August 2019
DixonWayneATE 2CTC23 August 2019
MacleanJames DATE 2Control Tower, Gatwick Airport25 August 2019
LockwoodRonald JATE 2RAE Larkhill26 August 2019
ThompsonThomas WATCO 2ScoATCC28 August 2019
BegleyElsie MTypistControl Tower, Hurn Airport29 August 2019
ThompsonHoward A CChief SurveyorBrabazon House, Redhill30 August 2019
ProtheroDavid AATCO 2LATCC02 September 2019
GilbertHaroldATE 1CAA House04 September 2019
BergerMichelle JATCO 3Birmingham05 September 2019
EdwardsBrian JSATELATCC06 September 2019
MacleodDonaldATCO 1ScOACC10 September 2019
MurphyThelmaAOATS, Pinner11 September 2019
BarnesWilliamBand 4ScOATCC12 September 2019
HartCarol AHeathrow Airport16 September 2019
HardingEdmond GATE 1CAA House18 September 2019
StevensStanley JATE 1LATCC20 September 2019
YatesDerek FBand 9.2LATCC20 September 2019
HazeldinePeterATCO 1LATCC21 September 2019
HillsCatherine MPBX SupervisorBirmingham Airport22 September 2019
JaggsDoris MAOHeathrow Airport22 September 2019
WilliamsIvor LSATEBournemouth (Hurn) Airport24 September 2019
RolfeLeighATSA 3Prestwick29 September 2019
KennedyKenneth MTA 3Dundee02 October 2019
RoseJohn CATCI 1Eurocontrol, Luxembourg10 October 2019
GibbsStanley RCommunications Officer 111Heathrow Control Tower22 October 2019
McCormickHelen JTelephonistPrestwick23 October 2019
FrancisDouglas J AHEOCSB, Aviation House25 October 2019
HewittRitaJMG 8CAA House25 October 2019
PriceJoyce W ND.O.ACAA House25 October 2019
WhaleWilliam KGeneral Hand, TA111Davidstow Moor Radio Station26 October 2019
JohnsonGeorge WATE 2ScoACC, Prestwick27 October 2019
DenchPeter GJMG 8Aviation House, Gatwick01 November 2019
GrahamMargaret JCleaner (TA1V)Stornoway01 November 2019
PiggottGraham ASATELATCC03 November 2019
CouttsJames RATSA 4ScOACC06 November 2019
BurneBety TTelephonistStansted Airport07 November 2019
CoyleRobert JATSA 2Glasgow Airport08 November 2019
SkaifeJohn WATE 1Manchester Airport09 November 2019
NicholsonJohn A RATCO 1LATCC12 November 2019
WestGeoffrey JPTMGAviation House, Gatwick12 November 2019
DayJackATCO 1Manchester Airport17 November 2019
RodgersMichael GSATECAA House, London18 November 2019
RandellDavid JSATELATCC21 November 2019
SeddonHaroldUnknownAviation House, Gatwick21 November 2019
McBeathRobertStation Officer with HIALWick Airport25 November 2019
McNeillDerek TCACO 2Pailton27 November 2019
PortJacques J MATSA 2Heathrow Airport28 November 2019
BabbHandel AHEOCAA House02 December 2019
WoodJohnATE 1Gatwick05 December 2019
BeadleDennis HATE 2Gatwick06 December 2019
TraylerAndrew GATCOManchester Airport07 December 2019
MitchellChristopher MATCHillingdon08 December 2019
ChineryRose L EClerical OfficerCAA House, London10 December 2019
ShackleGeorge EATE 1Manchester Airport10 December 2019
DaveyRaymond WBand 10.4Crown House, London16 December 2019
RaynerRoland WATSSDAviation House, Gatwick16 December 2019
HayesDerek WSMG 2Gatwick19 December 2019
PeelFrancis A LEOCAA House20 December 2019
BrainRobin KATE 3LATCC24 December 2019
McClearyJamesATSAManchester Airport24 December 2019
HatfieldRonaldATCO 1LATCC27 December 2019
WoodbineTerenceATE 1Spectrum House, Gatwick27 December 2019
BarlowJohn FATE 1CAA House28 December 2019

SurnameInlsGradeLast LocationDate 2020
TingleyPaul RATCO 1Gatwick Airport02 January 2020
RiggRuth GJMG8-RRCAA House03 January 2020
AndrewsReginald WSATESteers House04 January 2020
SawyerDavid W GBoard MemberCAA House05 January 2020
O'DeaMalcolmATCE4Tiree07 January 2020
RylesGeorge LATCOStansted08 January 2020
BrownTonyATSA 2LATCC14 January 2020
WestgateJames MSMGCAA House18 January 2020
NorrisBrian PPTMGCAA House19 January 2020
SandhuKuldip SATE 1LATCC21 January 2020
VasishtaLal CTA1Heathrow Airport21 January 2020
FyfeDavidATE 1Cardiff Airport22 January 2020
SkellyMary GBand 4 FinanceAtlantic House23 January 2020
PeelEric MPTMGCTC27 January 2020
DaviesReginald RATE 1TEE Gatwick29 January 2020
HowellGeoffrey CChief Scientist SMG1CAA House30 January 2020
FormanDenisPatrolmanBletchley11 February 2020
HillAlexanderATE 1Glasgow Airport13 February 2020
CollettSidney GSATEVentnor LRRS15 February 2020
Wheeler-OsmanNigel KPTMGAviation House, Gatwick15 February 2020
BurfordBrian CTA3 with MSDAston Down16 February 2020
BarrieWilliaminia SATSA 4ScOATTC20 February 2020
JonesEdward JATCO 2Manchester Airport29 February 2020
BlackmanEileen LCatering AssistantRedhill01 March 2020
RibeiroFrancis AEOCAA House03 March 2020
GiffordBruce JATCO 2Aberdeen Airport04 March 2020
SchwarzRobert GSenior CraftsmanGatwick05 March 2020
JenkinsDavid LJMGAviation House, Gatwick08 March 2020
CrispAlfred WSATEBurrington Radar Station13 March 2020
HughesKenneth A MATCO 2ScoACC, Prestwick14 March 2020
WrayJessie ECatering AssistantRedhill15 March 2020
CoburnDorothyCALondon Air Traffic Control Centre19 March 2020
MoonPeter JPTOFCS Stansted19 March 2020
WhitcroftNora IPersonal SecretarySpace House20 March 2020
WilliamsPeterATCO 2LATCC21 March 2020
WightmanBarbara WB4Derby Area Office23 March 2020
GoldenMichael TSATENERC, Swanwick25 March 2020
BirchallJamesATCO 1Heathrow Airport27 March 2020
ParrHazel LUnknownAviation House, Gatwick01 April 2020
CossarDavid LUnknownAtlantic House, Preswick03 April 2020
BuntonAlan JATSA 2Heathrow Airport04 April 2020
SaundersIvan JATSA 4Heathrow Airport04 April 2020
BowmanLaurence WATCE 4LATCC06 April 2020
HamleyDarrell B DOO2 Safety ServicesAviation House06 April 2020
Middleton-SmithPatricia RATSA3Larkhill06 April 2020
TimpsonJohnInspector ATC (NATS)CAA House10 April 2020
BainJohn WUnknownCTC11 April 2020
HollingworthWendyATSA 2ScOACC11 April 2020
OrdRobert AATE 1CAA House, London11 April 2020
PlankGordon DBand 1OKS, London11 April 2020
MorrisBernardATCO 3Aberporth13 April 2020
GriffithsWilliamATSA 3London Air Traffic Control Centre16 April 2020
ParsleyKeith W JTA3 DriverStansted Airport16 April 2020
LeslieDavid BATSA 4ScOATCC17 April 2020
BryderWilliam R BSMG 2Aviation House, Gatwick20 April 2020
DarlingJessieClerical AssistantEdinburgh20 April 2020
HamiltonBrianATE 3AS Ash LRRS, Kent20 April 2020
HarrisDeanna Mlast grade not knownCheltenham20 April 2020
MillsKenneth J AATSA 2LATCC21 April 2020
StuartPauline Pformerly with ARBARB21 April 2020
PurnellMaurice H CATCO 1London Air Traffic Control Centre25 April 2020
WillisRaymond SHPTOLondon Air Traffic Control Centre26 April 2020
GourleyDenis EATE 1Belfast Airport30 April 2020
GourleyDenis EATE 1Belfast Airport30 April 2020
HawkinsFrank OSenior CraftsmanHeathrow Airport30 April 2020
O'HareJohnATE 2ScAMU, Barnsford01 May 2020
O'HareJohnATE 2ScAMU Barnsford01 May 2020
WellardLeonard H TATCO 2CAA House01 May 2020
DuncanJohn AATE 2CTC02 May 2020
PlumridgeJean MClerical OfficerLondon Air Traffic Control Centre05 May 2020
JohnsonEstelle EAudio TypistAviation House07 May 2020
D'OliveiraBasilCivil Aviation Safety AdviserDepartment of Transport, London10 May 2020
AdanePhillipBand 2CAA House12 May 2020
LeslieMargaretCASumburgh Airport13 May 2020
MassonGeorge H WATSA 2London Air Traffic Control Centre13 May 2020
IrvineChristopher CATCO 2Manchester Airport14 May 2020
NewmanGilbert EPTO1Redhill17 May 2020
RussianTimothy PSMG 2CAA House, London20 May 2020
JonesRobert HMSG 8Grantham21 May 2020
FletcherWilliam DATE 2Stansted Airport22 May 2020
StewartCaptain RFOIAviation House, Gatwick31 May 2020
DimmerGordon EATCE 4Heathrow Airport03 June 2020
DimmerGordon EATCE 4Heathrow Airport03 June 2020
TheinArthur AATSA 2Heathrow Airport09 June 2020
JohnstonRaymond C RSMGGatwick14 June 2020
HallKeith MATE 1LATCC23 June 2020
RayRobert JATCE 2Heathrow Airport24 June 2020
MerchantNorman AATSA 2LATCC25 June 2020
EvansDaphne MCOCAA House26 June 2020
WildmanJohn PATCOManchester Airport27 June 2020
NormandPatrick IFOIAviation House, Gatwick28 June 2020
PearsonRonald ASMGAviation House, Gatwick29 June 2020
HansonRobin VSATELATCC05 July 2020
BruceStephen MUnknownCTC08 July 2020
JonesPaul BBand 12.3Aviation House, Gatwick21 July 2020
BellMalcolmMSG 7Barnsford22 July 2020
McNallyVincentATCO 2CATC, Bournemouth23 July 2020
StevensAlan JUnknownManchester Airport23 July 2020
GrayKenneth A TATCO 1LATCC29 July 2020
PhillipsMichael LJMG 5Aviation House30 July 2020
KirkSteven ASenior craftsmanSCAMU01 August 2020
BlakebroughBasilATSA 4Gatwick Airport03 August 2020
PowellWilliam RATCO 2Gatwick Airport03 August 2020
OgdenWilliamBand 3William07 August 2020
WestSheila OBand 3Edinburgh Airport07 August 2020
CarterAlan EATSA 2Gatwick Airport18 August 2020
WoodGordonFirefighterInverness Airport21 August 2020
JonesArthurATE 1Manchester Airport23 August 2020
WilliamsMary WTelephonistPrestwick26 August 2020
KirkDavid SUnknownCATC Bournemouth27 August 2020
RussellDerek GATCE 5LATCC28 August 2020
FormanGloriaAdmin OfficerStanstead Airport29 August 2020
BlaberPhilip SBand 12.3ATCEU, Bournemouth30 August 2020
MacraeDonald SATE 2Glasgow Airport06 September 2020
KeownValerieJMG8Luton Regional Office09 September 2020
HodgeBarry JATCO 2Belfast Airport/ Atlantic House14 September 2020
BrysonAndrew CATCEPrestwick17 September 2020
McLachlanJohn R MFire OfficerSumburgh Airport21 September 2020
ChaplinJohnBoard MemberCAA House26 September 2020
DobsonPeter FATE 2Manchester27 September 2020
GoodliffeDerek GNot KnownTEE Gatwick30 September 2020
BennettPeter TATCO 1ATCEU, Bournemouth03 October 2020
ColemanJohn RDAS 5Aviation House, Gatwick04 October 2020
PlattIan WATCO 2CAA House, London04 October 2020
HillierAnthony V RPTM 1LATCC05 October 2020
PurdomJohn MUnknownCTC05 October 2020
WallerMichael JATCE1CTC Head of Quality06 October 2020
FlanaganJohn BATCE 4LATCC11 October 2020
QuestedLeslie DTA 3Swingfield Radio Station13 October 2020
McMullanDiane CATCO 1Swanwick21 October 2020
MaudsleyJohn EATE 1Airspace House, Uxbridge25 October 2020
BoulterRonald GATCO 2London City Airport26 October 2020
de BeerRosemary CATCA 2ATC, Hurn27 October 2020
FairbankAnne BSRG Level 8 SecretaryAviation House, Gatwick28 October 2020
McLaughlinMargaret LUnknownAtlantic House, Prestwick29 October 2020
HollandDennisATE 1Manchester Airport30 October 2020
HouseMarian BBand 4LACC01 November 2020
LangtonErnest WATCO 1LATCC06 November 2020
AitkenRichard CBand 4CAA House07 November 2020
LawsonMaureenMSG 9ScOACC09 November 2020
CoatesDavid JATE 1Bournemouth11 November 2020
NeavesDorothy BBand 4LATCC14 November 2020
EamesWilliam JATC 1LATCCBelfast Airport15 November 2020
KetleyHelen PHelen PGatwick Airport21 November 2020
JamesDerek JohnATCO 1LATCC22 November 2020
StrachanJohn DATCE 5Spectrum House, Liverpool24 November 2020
BowenIreneAudio TypistAviation House, Gatwick26 November 2020
WestRobertATSA 2Heathrow27 November 2020
MorrrisonRodney BATE 1CAA House, London03 December 2020
LongAnnie ECOCAA House06 December 2020
MorrisCharles EHEOFinance at CAA House07 December 2020
SmithLindsay RATCO 2LATCC09 December 2020
BridgerAntony DATCO 2LATCC12 December 2020
McKoyNorvin BSTPOHeathrow Airport13 December 2020
BellMary AB 3SAU, Edinburgh14 December 2020
HealyMargaret RBand 5.2CAA House16 December 2020
MalcolmJohn BATSA 2ScOACC, Prestwick17 December 2020
BurnsBarbara JJMGOKS18 December 2020
CrilleyDaniel JSE 5LATCC19 December 2020
EgleyEATE 1CAA House21 December 2020
SpencerAnton GATSA 3CACC-CTB Heathrow22 December 2020
MorganAnthony JATSA 2Birmingham Airport25 December 2020
PerryJohn FATE 1LATCC26 December 2020
ArnoldArthur RATCO 2LATCC28 December 2020
DowdPeterATSA 4LATCC30 December 2020
StevensPal ESMG 2CAA House30 December 2020
BruceJohn MBand 11.2Aberdeen AirportUnknown