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It is with great sorrow, that the RSA announces that it has recently been notified of the deaths of the following colleagues
(Notifications given in previous years can be found in the Obituary Archives.)

SurnameForename/InlsGradeLast LocationDate
D'CruzDonald VInstructorCATC Bournemouth03 January 2022
TurnerJean NBand 3.1London Air Traffic Control Centre04 January 2022
QuintonAnn QATCO 2Cardiff Airport/ Bristol Airport04 January 2022
DaleBarry HPTMGAviation House Gatwick04 January 2022
LallyJohn KATCO 1London Air Trafic Control Centre06 January 2022
DawkinsJohn DOGC 30CAA House08 January 2022
LaneWilliam RBand 5.1London Air Traffic Control Centre08 January 2022
BarfordJohn RATSA 3Heathrow08 January 2022
HolmanAnthony CBand 12.1Gatwick Regional Office10 January 2022
RandellRichard MJMG 8Printing and Publications Cheltenham19 January 2022
CamilleriRichard Elast grade unknownGibraltar20 January 2022
WalkerGraeme CATCO 2Swanwick27 January 2022
WardIan Dgrade not knownNERL/NSL Swanwick28 January 2022
CampKenneth JBD11Teeside01 February 2022
HallettJohn RATCO 2CATC Bournemouth01 February 2022
SmithJack AATSA 2Control Tower Gatwick Airport02 February 2022
WaiteLewis CGrace 10 ICCAA House London05 February 2022
LargeGeoffrey AATCO 1Heathrow Airport07 February 2022
KimberCharles GATSA 3CATC Bournemouth07 February 2022
RichardsPeter Fgrade CRedhill09 February 2022
BennettBrenda GMSG 8London Air Traffic Control Centre09 February 2022
McAnuffKevin MJMG 6CAA House London12 February 2022
CooperKevin LBand 2CAA House12 February 2022
Grainger(Williams)Brenda RTelephonistBirmingham Airport16 February 2022
KinganRobert SATSA 4LATCC18 February 2022
EckersleyBryan ESATELondon Air Traffic Control Centre20 February 2022
EdgeSusan Egrade unknownunknown20 February 2022
ScholesStanley SA/SATELondon Air Traffic Control Centre20 February 2022
SmartGordon HATCO 2CAA House20 February 2022
SlatorRobert DUnknownUnknown01 March 2022
MorganAnthony AATCE 4Sumburgh Airport03 March 2022
GreechanHenry JATE 3Glasgow Airport10 March 2022
KentMaurice RATE 1Bletchley14 March 2022
BruntonDonald APPTOAGatwick Area Office30 March 2022
HammondMichael DATCE1LATCC West Drayton28 March 2022
WilsonCharles RATCO 2Manchester Airport24 March 2022
HanvyCharles Wgrade not knownManchester Airport12 March 2022
BairdJames JSub Officer HIAInverness Airport03 March 2022
BruntonDonald APPTOAGatwick Area Office30 March 2022
HammondMichael DATCE1LATCC West Drayton28 March 2022
WardGeorge W ATE1TEE Gatwick10th August 2021
LoveSylvia E Band 3CAA House25 March 2022
HicksonDonald H Mgr ATSFarnborough10 April 2022
BrownAdrian G Unknown Grade AIS Heathrow Airport2 March 2022
McdonaldJohn E FOIAviation House Gatwick 02 April 2022
WhiteGladys A Band 3ERG CAA House19 April 2022
GriffithsRobert B ATE 1IOW07 April 2022
PoleWilfred P ATCE 3CTC Whiteley25 April 2022
McintyreRobert J ATE1Heathrow Airport15 April 2022
RoyalLindsay W CAA Level 6Aviation House Gatwick 22nd March 2022
EvansNeville L CAA grade N/KLTCC24 April 2022
MacDonaldDonald S ATCO 2SCACC14 April 2022
FrancalanzaSaviour F Supt STPOGatwick Airport25 April 2022
SmithBarry K SATECrown House London10 May 2022
ChurchillAlan W ATCO 3Cardiff Wales Airport20 April 2022
HumphreysPaul H ATCE 4Swanwick22 August 2021
HoadJohn E ATE 1Bletchley2 April 2022
BruntonGordon R ATE 1Gatwick22 April 2022
StarksMichael H unknownHurn29 April 2022
DonlanThomas E unknownLATCC18 May 2022
KeenKenneth J ATE 1ASH LRRS23 March 2022
WilliamsLeslie W ATSA 4Aberporth27 April 2022
McIntyreDonald A CAA B3Teesside Airport16 May 2022
OliverMargaret E CAA Band 4 Aviation House Gatwick30 April 2022
RobinsonEric R CAA FE/FOI 2Aviation House Gatwick1 May 2022
HopleyErnest H CAA Band 5CACC24 May 2022
FryRonald F ATCO 1Manchester Airport27 May 2022
BoonJames B PATERuncorn28 May 2022
Willden-HolmesSylvia G CAA Band 3Manchester Airport23 May 2022
KaraiFiroze K ATSA 4ATC Heathrow Airport20 May 2022
HarperBrian H ATCE 3St Annes LRRS21 May 2022
JacobsPhyllis E CleanerHeston14 May 2022
BrothwoodGeorge K ATCO 2Manchester Airport5 June 2022
YuilleWilliam Y ATCO 2Atlantic House4 June 2022
ReadingsKenneth W ATCO 1CAA House18 May 2022
BarrettPeter D ATCE 3LATCC30 April 2022
RamanMuthu A ATE 1LATCC28 May 2022
McBrideRoseann M P/T CleanerScOATCC13 June 2022
BishopWilliam A BD8. 3Spectrum House Gatwick28 May 2022
McLoughlinMichael (Mic) J Senior Personnel OfficerCAA House8 June 2022
SwanChristopher S ATCO 2CATC Bournemouth5 June 2022
VardonJean N B5.1CAA House Kingsway London15 June 2022
RickerbyCharles E ATSA 4LATCC23 June 2022
DixDennis L SMG 1CAA House14 June 2022
StephenJohn J ATE 1Heathrow airport30 June 2022
ScotfordBrian L ATCO 1ATCEU Bournemouth25 June 2022.
TaylorJacqueline T SRG Level 8Aviation House Gatwick30 May 2022
NoonanBeatrice A Band 11.3CAA House London5 June 2022
QuilleyDavid Q SMG 1 Flight OpsAviation House Gatwick5 July 2022
MarshallCoilin R ATCE 4Gatwick12 July 2022
CooperDavid G Band 3Spectrum House Gatwick26 June 2022
BowlesRoger A Band 12.3Crown House London8 July 2022
LawsonEdward W ATCO 1LATCC West Drayton25 June 2022
AmosAmos K CAA 10.3 ADSAviation House Edinburgh10 July 2022
GreenEggerton G SMG 1Aviation House Gatwick17 July 2022
SyersMargaret A SRG Level 7Aviation House Gatwick22 June 2022
MitchellJohn T FE/FOI 2Aviation House Gatwick6 June 2022
SaffuGeorge S Band 4One Kemble Street London31 January 2022
WallerJohn D SATELATCC West Drayton19 July 2022
TrevorAlan J ATSA4LATCC West Drayton21 July 2022
Hughes-JonesDavid I JMG 5Kingsway London19 July 2022
PottsMichael J PATECAA House13 July 2022
SharpeMargaret E grade not knownlocation not known27 July 2022
MitchellStrachan M B10.3ATCEU Bournemouth28 July 2022