Northern Ireland Branch

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The Branch is open to RSA members who have served, not just at Belfast International / Aldergrove, but also the former civil airport located at Nutts Corner, before it was moved to Aldergrove in the early 1960’s, and also the former JATCRU, Ulster Radar, formerly located at RAF Bishopscourt prior to its closure in 1978.

The Branch meets approximately four times a year for a lunch, where old friends enjoy not only good food but also great craic. Lunches are normally held in the Ballyrobin Restaurant, located close to main civil airport entrance, just before where the police permanent check point used to be. The mailing list for lunches usually goes to regular attendees only so if you are either a new member or an existing member who has not attended for some time please contact the Branch Secretary (Contact details as listed in Contrail) to be included in the next mail shot.

Branch officials are as follows:

Chairperson & Secretary: Ruby Erwin

Treasurer: Bill Richardson

PR Officer: Bob Connolly

Next potential meeting date will be end September 2021

Please note Ruby’s email (ruby at rubyerwin dot plus dot com)