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The RSA is an active, forward looking organisation which works on behalf of all CAA and NATS former and retired staff, and their dependants. It has close links to the Directors of the Pension Scheme and the NATS representative organisation.

Benefits of Membership
Branch Structure
How to Join


Membership is open to

This applies whether you are in other employment or not yet in receipt of a pension. Membership is also open to former employees of CAA or NATS who have made alternative arrangements for their pensions to CAAPS. All members can be a member of the various committees and have a vote at meetings.

Benefits of Membership

A voice for your pension and updates on changes

Welfare Services

Keeping in Touch - Quarterly newsletter – Contrail

Contrail is a quarterly magazine delivered by email. It keeps members up to date with the latest pension and membership news, Branch activities and reports, relevant articles written by members and deaths of members. For members who formerly had free membership (when the organisation was financially supported by CAA and NATS) and now do not wish to contribute to running costs, the AGM issue of Contrail is distributed annually and a redacted version is also available on this website.

Keeping in Touch, reunions

Social events and group visits

Travel Club

Please see the Club area of this website for details.

Opportunities to participate – committees and representation


To cover administration and Contrail production, membership fees have been kept to a minimum and are £1 per month per person. This is normally:

Branch Structure

The RSA is administered by the Central Committee through Branches centred on the major current or former NATS and CAA sites. Branches can change based on their membership and the willingness of members to serve on their Branch committees – which normally requires up to 4/5 days per year.

The current Branches are: -

Each member can belong to two Branches.

To become an active member of a particular Branch, please contact the Branch Secretary directly. Branch contact details are provided in Contrail.

How to Join

Joining is simply a matter of meeting the criteria above and completing an application form (one per person), which may be printed from the following link: Application Form
or by completing this    On-Line Application form

The completed form should be forwarded to the RSA Membership Secretary at the address shown on it.


  1. If your partner is no longer with us you may still receive Contrail. Any Spouse or partner enrolled by a member remains on our membership list until we are told otherwise by you.
  2. If you are a non-contributing lifetime member and would like to make the £1 per month contribution, from your pension or by standing order/cheque, to support your RSA, then please either fill in a new application form or write to the Membership Secretary. Your signature is enough.