Edinburgh Branch

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The Branch meets regularly for lunch throughout the year at a venue either in the City of Edinburgh or at a location where there is good access by public transport. In addition, there are occasional outings to places of interest, again where access can be made by public transport.

RSA members regardless of Branch, may attend any of our ‘self-supporting‘ events which are publicised on this website (below) or in Contrail. (Note: many of the function venues do require advance reservations, your expression of interest in attending should therefore be made in advance, via the Branch official arranging the event)

The ’events‘ e-mailing is sent to Edinburgh Branch* members who have provided the RSA with an email contact and to other members on application. (* Edinburgh Branch now includes members formally listed under H&I)

If you are a new member to the Edinburgh Branch, an existing member, (including WoS) who has not previously provided an email to the RSA, or you have changed your email, please advise the RSA at rsamemsec@btinternet.com

Branch officials are as follows:

Chair: John Doig

Secretary: Colin Rodger

Treasurer (elect): Vince Pritchard

Treasurer (interim) / Committee Member: Christine Morris

Committee member: Colin Hicks

Committee member: (co-opted*) John Tierney *from dormant RSA WoS Branch

Future Events

Sc Government COVID-19 Protection Regulations permit the Branch to function socially, albeit with some continued restrictions.
Following the election of Branch Officials listed above at a Special General Meeting (over Lunch) at Bar Italia, central Edinburgh on Wednesday 15 September, the Committee are now investigating holding a Christmas lunch to be held in central Edinburgh sometime during the 1st half of December.
A Lunch prior to the Christmas function may also be possible? – Please watch this space from early October for updates!