Profile - Duncan,
Membership Secretary & Welfare Officer

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Duncan Boulton

Duncan Boulton has joined the RSA Central Committee in 2013 as Welfare Co-ordinator and brings much useful experience to the post.

Duncan arrived at LATCC as a military air traffic controller in 1981 and was a member of LATCC Mil working in the MASOR. Pursuing an interest in computers, he joined what was then CAA Ops 3 in 1984 as an attached Data Systems specialist. He was part of the team testing and developing the 9020 computer and the subsequent development of the replacement system. He also spent some time in Washington DC, working with IBM on the new system which went into service in 1989.

In 1990 Duncan left the Royal Air Force and moved over to the CAA. He became Head of Flight Data Processing and finally retired from NATS in 2007.

Despite his operational ATC and data processing background, he does have considerable experience in welfare matters, as he explained. “In 1982 our eldest son was born severely disabled, following problems encountered during his birth. As a consequence of his disability I have had, and continue to have, considerable contact with welfare organisations and the need to research and campaign for access to the services and facilities we have needed throughout his life.

In particular I am a member of the Court User Group of the Court of Protection and a member of the Stakeholder Committee of the Office of the Public Guardian. In the latter I represent lay Deputies, appointed by the Court, to manage the affairs of people who have lost capacity to manage their own affairs, Other members of the groups include representatives of most of the national welfare organisations. Through this work I have built up significant contacts in various organisations. Although I by no means have all the answers, I probably know someone who does!"