Profile - Colin, Member Nominated CAAPS Director

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Colin Chisholm

Colin is the RSA sponsored pensioner Member Nominated Director on the CAAPS Trustee Board covering both the CAA and NATS pension schemes. He is in his third, and last, spell of 3 year terms which will end in 2022 (at the 9 year max). He says,“I enjoy the challenge of this important and complex role and I doubt if, even after 9 years, I’ll ever feel on top of it!

Colin spent his entire working career of almost 40 years in ATC. He joined the Ministry of Aviation as an ATSA in 1966 and soon progressed to ATCO Cadet on No 12 course in 1967 – 70 (See picture below). He was an area radar controller at Bishops Court (Ulster Radar), West Drayton (LATCC) and briefly at Watton (Eastern Radar) but, ever inquisitive, he also worked in data processing (Ops 3), CATO2, Airspace Policy, and on the New En-Route Centre project where one of his claims to fame (or blame?) was a large hand in choosing the site. He then progressed up the management chain via GM LATCC and Director Area Services to CEO, in the run up to the NATS PPP (privitisation), and COO and Dir. International Affairs thereafter. “ It was a fascinating career, working with great people, many of whom I still keep in touch with in different ways”.

He is a family man (his wife Lynne also worked at LATCC for a time) with children and grand-children, a moderately keen gardener and a very keen golfer. “I’ve always tried to contribute to the clubs I’ve been a member of - whether the LATCC club, London Airways FC, Maidenhead Golf Club or the RSA – it’s becoming less fasionable in our busy modern world but I hope the age of voluntary participation is not over”.

Atco cadet 12 course