Profile - Anne, CAA-RSA Chair

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Anne Noonan

On leaving school, Anne Noonan joined a local newspaper group in Liverpool as a cub reporter where her first job was to cover the funeral of a local dignatary! She also covered a lot of amateur dramatic productions and says that if you've never heard a Noel Coward production played with a Liverpool accent you don't know what you've missed.

On moving to London five years later she worked for a while for a heating and engineering company, before being invited, by a former Liverpool colleague, to join a small Fleet Street-based public relations company. In 1974 she saw an advertisement for a job in the Press Office of the Civil Aviation Authority and decided to apply. Much to her amazement she got the job and began one of the most interesting and sometimes exciting jobs she could have imagined.

In the years until her retirement in 2000 Anne was editor of the now defunct Airway staff newspaper and very much involved in several Farnborough Air Shows.

"I met some really interesting people and had some incredible opportunities to get involved in almost anything the CAA was involved in. This gave me the chance to try air/sea rescue with Bristow Helicopters in Kirkwall, drive a fire engine at a Highlands and Islands airport and, perhaps one of the highlights, have a flight in an RAF Hawk aircraft. There were many others and I'm so grateful to the CAA/NATS for giving me such a great job. The only thing I didn’t miss on retirement was late night/early morning calls from pesky journalists who were supposedly checking out a a story they had already written!"

On retirement Anne was invited to join the Central Committee of the CAA/NATS Retired Staff Association and the rest as they say, is history.