New Look following the AGM

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At the recent AGM for the year ending 31 December 2020 held via Zoom on the 7th May 2021, there were several changes to the RSA Central Committee. Tony Cowell stood down as Vice Chairman but remains on the Committee and David Hobday has resigned, but was co-opted to remain as Pensions Representative for the time being. Following a vote, Vince Pritchard, formerly with NATS and an Edinburgh Branch committee member, was elected to fill the vacancy. Andy Maynard is now Vice-Chairman.

So the full picture is:

Committee Members

Duncan Boulton, Colin Chisholm, Tony Cowell, John Doig, Ian Johnson, Tim Mackay, Vince Pritchard and Richard Wright.

Co-opted members :
Richard Woodroffe, Bob Connolly, Peter Haigh and David Hobday

Very many thanks to both Tony Cowell and David Hobday for all their hard work, help and commitment to the RSA and here’s to another year.

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