National Officers and Committee

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Bob Coles - President

Bob Coles

Vice-President: Leslie  Priestley

Leslie Priestley

The Central Committee

The management of the RSA is in the hands of the Central Committee, comprising the four honorary officers plus an elected committee and another three co-opted members.

The honorary officers

Honorary Officers

(L to R) Vice Chairman: Tony Cowell ( ), Treasurer: Matthew Baines ( ) Chairman: Anne Noonan ( ) Secretary: Robin Morris

The elected committee
Welfare Co-ordinator: Duncan Boulton,  ( )
Pensions Representative: David Hobday, ( )
Membership Secretary: Ian Johnson,  (

Colin Chisholm, Richard Wright Sheila West and Andy Maynard

In addition, the following are co-opted members of the committee
Contrail Editor: Bob Connolly    ( ), 
Webmaster: Richard Woodroffe   ( ),
Ken Malcolm

Committee 2015-2016

The Central Committee (picture taken at the July 2015 Committee meeting - Not all were present)

Standing; (L to R) Duncan Boulton, Dave Reeve, Richard Wright, Matthew Baines, Ted Pillinger, Ken Malcolm, Robin Morris, Tony Cowell, Colin Chisholm.

Seated: Bob Connolly, Sheila West, Dave Hobday, Anne Noonan, Barry Pratt, Richard Woodroffe

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The Branches

At present there are 6 branches which are geographically located to best serve the interests of the RSA members. The branches are: Downs, Edinburgh, London and Home Counties (LHC), Northern Ireland, North West and Wessex .
Each branch elects a committee to serve its needs, and receives a small grant from central funds to cover administration. The branches appoint delegates to attend the RSA Annual General Meeting; it is these delegates who elect the officers and central committee.
Members may belong to one or two branches; many chose to belong to the branch appropriate to their last place of work and also to one more appropriate to their retirement location.




CAA Pension Scheme

Please note the information contained in this document about the Association's Health and Safety policy and report form.