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"Contrail" is the Newsletter of the CAA/NATS Retired Staff Association

The June 2019 Contrail (No 140) is now available

This is the edition that is available to all members and reports on issues arising at the AGM.

You should receive your Contrail either by post or by email depending on your instructions

You can also download a redacted version below

Click June 2019 Edition

Contrail delivery to you

We have been undertaking a review of Contrail delivery based on the original forms supplied. The RSA is grateful for all of you that have agreed to have the newsletter delivered electronically, saving the Association money. If you think that you are not getting the correct type of Contrail delivery according to your wishes on the form you signed (email or through the post), it is very likely that this will now have been corrected but if you would like to make sure of your options, please send an email to stating your preference for yourself (and your partner if appropriate).

Please also include your initials, surname and postcode with the email since it is sometimes difficult to identify members from just a surname or an email address.

All our members will now probably be aware of the financial crisis facing the Association in these difficult times, with the parent organisations of CAA and NATS removing their subsidy, and there is an urgent need to reduce our expenditure in every possible way.  The costs involved in printing and posting CONTRAIL is considerable and we would be most grateful if members who have internet access would agree to receiving copies by e-mail attachment.   This will require us to maintain an accurate e-mail address list, since they tend to be changed occasionally.

If you are prepared to receive it by this means could you please confirm your e-mail address to  and include your name and pension number.   (click Pension Number to see how to identify your pension number on your pension slip)  We have already undertaken a survey of those retired members who live abroad with a high success rate and agreement.

Please be assured that this information will be secure and will not be passed to any other organisation.


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