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3 Generations in CAA   Tax & NI Societies
Scam Warning RSA Members Ads Birdlip/Winstone Radio Station Personal details held by the RSA

3 Generations in the CAA

Richard D’Alton called to mind that 3 generations of his family have now worked for the CAA. His Uncle, former RAF Squadron Leader Michael Townsend being the first many years ago now sadly passed away, himself (still serving) and now his son Ben who has been fortunate enough to be given some work experience in Legal division of OGC post graduation and prior to returning to university to start his Masters and Bar practitioners course.

If there is anyone out there who remembers his Uncle, RAF Squadron Leader Michael Townsend, he would love to hear from them and learn more about his time in the CAA. He counts himself very fortunate now in his own twilight years of working to have found a position in an organisation where he has met and worked with an astounding number of professional and friendly people.

If anyone wishes to contact Richard D’Alton, please email the web master (email ) and the message will be passed on to him.

* * * *

NI/Tax merger consultation announced

The government will consult on merging the operation of National Insurance and income tax but pensioners will not pay more tax as a result, George Osborne has announced.

Delivering his Budget, Osborne said using separate income tax and NI systems forced extra costs on businesses and taxpayers, and must be combined to make them "fit for the modern age". But he said pensioners would not pay more tax as a result.

The government said it would consult this year on the options, stages and timing of reform. It said it will maintain the contributory principle and will reflect this in any changes it brings forward - also confirming it will not extend NICs to individuals above State Pension Age or to other forms of income such as pensions, savings and dividends

The idea of merging income tax and NI to create a basic tax of 32% was recommended by the Office of Tax Simplification in its review of tax reliefs - published on 3 March.

The OTS also recommended ending contracted-out rebates - a move the government has announced it will now take forward as part of its plans to launch a single-tier state pension.

Be assured that your committee will be watching !

* * * *

HQ Golf Society (retired section)

Autumn Meeting - Results

Autumn Trophy Results

FirstKevin McAnuff 35 points
SecondBob Jeans 34 points
Best Front 9Graham Stagg 18 points
Best Back 9Mike Poffley 16 points

Also playing were : Paul Louden (31 points), Dave Lowry (27 points), Tim Norton (26 points)


Graham Stagg awards the Alan McMichael Cup to John Scott after his victory at the Spring Meeting

If you wish to have details of our future meetings please email Ted Pillinger who will pass your details to the Hon Sec HQGS for inclusion in calling notices. All CAA/NATS retired staff are welcome to our meetings in the SE.

* * * *


The Service Personnel and Veterans Agency (SPVA) is warning of a scam aimed at gaining access to people’s bank account savings and which appears to be targeted at the elderly, including Armed Forces veterans.
The scam involves the victims receiving a telephone call from someone stating they are from their bank. The person will say that they need to get a new bank card and that it will be delivered by courier. A person posing as a courier then attends the address and takes the victims bank card in exchange for a ‘new’ one. The new bank card is a fake and the offenders will then go on to use the bank card from the victim to make numerous fraudulent transactions. It is thought that they obtain the pin number through the telephone conversation.
At least two of the four known victims of this scam have been Armed Forces veterans.
SPVA’s Head of Veterans Services, Jon Parkin, said: "Whilst there is nothing to suggest that the Veterans Community is specifically being targeted, it is important for veterans to be aware of this scam and to remain vigilant. If people are approached in this way, they should refuse to become involved and should report the matter to their local police station."
The warning was issued after the Police contacted the Agency and requested help in making veterans groups aware.

The RSA would advise that members should never give out pin numbers, expired cards or personal details to anyone, no matter how plausible they sound. If you do have an expired card, cut it up. If you find this too difficult to do, ask a family member or friend to do it for you.

* * * *

Book Review - Safety Was no Accident by James Fuller - A History of the Civil Aviation Flying Unit CAFU

From his viewpoint from the CAFU operations centre Jim Fuller was well placed to write this history of CAFU. This does not detract from the amount of sheer hardwork needed to find and re-assemble all the available information and collate it into a readable and accurate account some 16 years after the final demise of CAFU, 21 years after the move to Teesside of flight calibration and 26 years after the start of the break-up of the various functions of the unit when Flight Crew Licencing moved to the SRG at Gatwick.

When Jim started to assemble the information required for this work he was not sure that the effort would result in a worthwhile end product and was careful not to raise hopes by committing himself to the word 'book'. But, over a period of some years, Jim assembled the available documents, information and photographs. Much of this information was undated or came from memories that were dimming with time.

The end product though is easy to read, it is a must for the bookshelf or bedside table of all those who were involved with CAFU and a reference source for those that are interested in the history of civil aviation since WW2.

Safety was no Accident by James Fuller
Trafford Publishing
ISBN 978-1-4669-6892-9

* * * *

Birdlip/Winstone Radio Station

As a result of the excellent support and contributions made by many members on this site, Colin McKeeman has now published an historical record of this complex covering the period 1940/2015. Should anyone wish to purchase this 329 page, soft back book, with over 170 photographs, it is available from Colin for £22.00(including p&p to the U.K.) at
The three years taken to complete this work would not have been possible without the support of this group and Colin wishes to thank all those who contributed material, no matter how small."

* * * *

Personal Details held by the RSA.

It has come to our notice that one of our members is alleging that the RSA could have been one of three organisations leaking/selling personal details to a third party. On behalf of the CAA Retired Staff Association, I wish to make it clear we abide by the Data Protection Act and take every step to protect the personal information of our members. There is not the remotest question of information being either leaked or sold.

Anne Noonan RSA Chairman

* * * *

* * * *

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