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The Retired Staff Association (RSA) has three major objectives:

RSA membership is open to any person who has retired or is intending to retire, including those taking early retirement, from employment with the CAA or NATS. More importantly we also look to employees to include their spouses or partners on the application form. Membership is also open to widows or widowers of former employees

Membership is subject to an annual subscription of £12. This is regarded as a great bargain for a number of reasons, including:

Both the CAA and NATS have been very supportive of the RSA. In the past they contributed to the overall administration costs of the RSA through grants. Due to economic circumstances this has now changed and the RSA is now self-financing. 

The RSA is an active, forward looking organisation, which works on behalf of all CAA and NATS pensioners and dependants and has close links to the Trustees of the Pension Scheme and the CAA and NATS management and representative organisations. To maintain this ability to represent retired members ’ interests we need as large a membership as possible. To that end we are offering membership with an annual subscription of £12 per person. After retirement this may be deductible at source at the rate of £1 per month, and we encourage you to complete your membership Application Form, and come and join us.

We are YOUR voice and a warm welcome awaits you.

The constitution of the RSA was revised in April 2016 and approved in the AGM of April 2016. It was ratified at the 2017 AGM The constitution is available for you to download and read if you wish.

We hope we can count on your support